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2005 NBA Draft

Round 1
1MILAndrew BogutUtah
2ATLMarvin WilliamsUNC
3UTADeron WilliamsIllinois
4NOHChris PaulWake Forest
5CHARaymond FeltonUNC
6PORMartell Webster
7TORCharlie VillanuevaUConn
8NYKChanning FryeArizona
9GSWIke DioguArizona State
10LALAndrew Bynum
11ORLFran Vázquez
12LACYaroslav Korolev
13CHASean MayUNC
14MINRashad McCantsUNC
15NJNAntoine WrightTexas A&M
16TORJoey GrahamOklahoma State
17INDDanny GrangerNew Mexico
18BOSGerald Green
19MEMHakim WarrickSyracuse
20DENJulius HodgeNC State
21PHONate RobinsonWashington
22DENJarrett JackGeorgia Tech
23SACFrancisco GarcíaLouisville
24HOULuther HeadIllinois
25SEAJohan Petro
26DETJason MaxiellCincinnati
27PORLinas KleizaMissouri
28SASIan Mahinmi
29MIAWayne SimienKansas
30NYKDavid LeeFlorida
Round 2
31ATLSalim StoudamireArizona
32LACDaniel EwingDuke
33NOHBrandon BassLSU
34UTAC.J. Miles
35PORRicky Sánchez
36MILErsan İlyasova
37LALRonny TuriafGonzaga
38ORLTravis DienerMarquette
39LALVon WaferFlorida State
40GSWMonta Ellis
41TORRoko Ukić
42GSWChris TaftPitt
43NJNMile Ilić
44ORLMartynas Andriuškevičius
45PHILou Williams
46INDErazem Lorbek
47MINBracey WrightIndiana
48SEAMickaël Gelabale
49WASAndray Blatche
50BOSRyan GomesProvidence
51UTARobert WhaleyWalsh University
52DENAxel Hervelle
53BOSOrien GreeneLouisiana
54NYKDijon ThompsonUCLA
55SEALawrence RobertsMississippi State
56DETAmir Johnson
57PHOMarcin Gortat
58TORUroš Slokar
59ATLCenk Akyol
60DETAlex AckerPepperdine

2005 NBA Draft: A Deep Dive Into a Monumental Year

Basketball enthusiasts will remember the 2005 NBA Draft as a year that reshaped the league’s landscape for years to come. From Andrew Bogut’s surprising first pick to Chris Paul’s meteoric rise, the year was filled with its fair share of drama, surprises, and revelations. In this detailed review, we delve into the intricacies of the draft that went down in Madison Square Garden.

Key Takeaways:

  • Andrew Bogut, a name not known to many, was the unexpected first pick.
  • Chris Paul emerged as the star, winning the Rookie of the Year 2005-2006.
  • Milwaukee Bucks made crucial draft decisions that would influence their team dynamics.
  • Madison Square Garden witnessed the culmination of dreams for many young stars.
  • Behind-the-scenes, the NBA Draft Combine 2005 played a pivotal role in the selection process.

Andrew Bogut: The Surprise First Pick

When David Stern announced Andrew Bogut as the first pick, selected by the Milwaukee Bucks, many were left puzzled. An Australian center, Bogut’s collegiate career at Utah had been commendable, but being chosen as the first pick was beyond anyone’s predictions.

Table 1: Top 3 Picks of the 2005 NBA Draft

Pick NumberPlayerTeam
1Andrew BogutMilwaukee Bucks
2Marvin WilliamsAtlanta Hawks
3Deron WilliamsUtah Jazz

Chris Paul’s Ascension

Arguably the most significant name to emerge from the 2005 draft, Chris Paul, selected by New Orleans Hornets, would go on to win the Rookie of the Year 2005-2006. His exceptional ball-handling skills and vision on the court made him an immediate sensation.

“Chris is a once-in-a-generation point guard. His rookie season was just the beginning.” – Michael Jordan

Behind The Scenes: NBA Draft Combine 2005

The NBA Draft Combine is where players showcase their skills, undergo physical tests, and get interviewed by teams. In 2005, it played a crucial role in finalizing the draft rankings. Many teams based their selections on performances here, sometimes over collegiate careers.

Table 2: Notable NBA Draft Combine 2005 Standouts

PlayerKey Strength Showcased
Andrew BogutRebounding & Shot-blocking
Chris PaulBall Handling & Agility
Deron WilliamsPassing & Court Vision

Draft Trades 2005: Teams Making Moves

Draft trades are integral to the NBA Draft process. In 2005, notable trades included the Utah Jazz and Portland Trail Blazers exchange, which saw the Jazz move up to select Deron Williams.

Milwaukee Bucks: A Decision that Shaped a Franchise

The decision to pick Andrew Bogut was more than just selecting a player. It was about shaping the direction of a franchise. While Bogut had a respectable NBA career, many often wonder what could have been if they had selected someone else, like Chris Paul.

Madison Square Garden: Where Dreams Were Realized

The iconic Madison Square Garden was abuzz with anticipation. As David Stern took to the stage, dreams were realized, and destinies were set into motion. For many players, this venue was where their NBA journey officially began.

The Impact of the 2005 NBA Draft on Future Seasons

As the years went by, the impact of the 2005 NBA Draft became increasingly evident. Players like Chris Paul and Deron Williams not only became star players for their respective teams but also dominated the league as premier point guards.

NBA Draft Lottery: The Luck of the Draw

The NBA Draft Lottery, a system where teams have a weighted chance based on their previous season’s performance to get the top picks, played a significant role. The Milwaukee Bucks, having secured the first pick, made a decision that they hoped would change their franchise’s fortunes.

The Role of NBA Draft Combine 2005 in Unearthing Gems

Apart from the top names that were already creating buzz, the NBA Draft Combine 2005 was instrumental in spotlighting talent that might have been overlooked. It was here that the groundwork for many later draft picks was laid, with teams taking notes and recalibrating their strategies.


  1. Who was the first pick in the 2005 NBA Draft?
    • Andrew Bogut was selected as the first pick by the Milwaukee Bucks.
  2. Which player from the 2005 draft went on to win the Rookie of the Year 2005-2006?
    • Chris Paul won the Rookie of the Year accolade for the 2005-2006 season.
  3. Where was the 2005 NBA Draft held?
    • The draft was conducted at Madison Square Garden.
  4. Which team made significant trades in the 2005 NBA Draft?
    • The Utah Jazz and the Portland Trail Blazers made a notable trade during the draft, which saw the Jazz move up to select Deron Williams.
  5. How did the NBA Draft Combine 2005 influence team decisions?
    • The NBA Draft Combine 2005 played a pivotal role, with teams basing their selections on performances there, sometimes even over collegiate careers.


The 2005 NBA Draft was not just about selecting players but also about the hopes, aspirations, and future of franchises. While some picks lived up to their billing, others didn’t. Yet, the draft’s influence resonated for years, with many players shaping the NBA’s future course. Whether it was the surprising first pick of Andrew Bogut or the rise of Chris Paul, the 2005 Draft was filled with stories, lessons, and, most importantly, game-changing talent.

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As the world of basketball avidly anticipates each annual NBA Draft, it’s always intriguing to take a trip down memory lane. One such captivating year was 2005, a draft class that is still echoing its influence in the game today. Let’s dive into the 2005 NBA Draft, a classic year that introduced some phenomenal talent into the NBA fraternity.

An Overview of the 2005 NBA Draft

The 2005 NBA Draft was a monumental event in the history of the NBA. It was a year that showcased immense talent and potential from an exciting mix of domestic and international players. In retrospect, it’s clear that this was a draft that would leave a lasting imprint on the league for years to come.

Heading into the 2005 NBA Draft, basketball enthusiasts and experts were brimming with excitement and anticipation. The pre-draft rumors and speculations were rampant, adding an air of uncertainty to the proceedings. Fans were eager to see which young talents would be joining their favorite NBA teams and how they would impact the league.

1. The Top Prospects: A Galaxy of Stars

The 2005 NBA Draft class boasted a remarkable array of top prospects, all with the potential to become future NBA legends. Among the standout players were:

Andrew Bogut

Standing tall at 7 feet, Andrew Bogut was a highly sought-after center with exceptional skills on both ends of the court. His combination of size, basketball IQ, and passing ability made him an attractive prospect for numerous teams.

Marvin Williams

Marvin Williams, a versatile forward, was known for his athleticism and scoring ability. His potential to impact the game on multiple fronts made him a tantalizing option for teams in need of a dynamic forward.

Chris Paul

Arguably the most influential player from this draft, Chris Paul, a dynamic point guard, displayed unparalleled court vision and leadership during his college career. Many believed he had the potential to transform a struggling franchise into a powerhouse.

Deron Williams

Another impressive point guard in the draft was Deron Williams. His combination of size, scoring ability, and passing skills made him a coveted prospect for teams looking to bolster their backcourt.

Raymond Felton

Raymond Felton, a quick and crafty point guard, drew attention with his ability to control the game’s tempo and create opportunities for his teammates.

Top Picks of the Draft

The Milwaukee Bucks had the first pick of the draft, and they used it to select Andrew Bogut, a 7-foot Australian center from the University of Utah. The Atlanta Hawks had the second pick and they chose Marvin Williams from North Carolina. The third pick went to the Utah Jazz who picked Deron Williams, a highly touted point guard from Illinois.

Other Noteworthy Selections

Besides the top three picks, other players that stood out from this draft class include Chris Paul (4th pick, New Orleans Hornets), Raymond Felton (5th pick, Charlotte Bobcats), and Andrew Bynum (10th pick, Los Angeles Lakers), who became the youngest player ever drafted at the age of 17.

International Influence

The 2005 NBA Draft was notable for its strong international presence. A total of 12 international players were selected in the first round, including Fran Vázquez (11th pick, Orlando Magic) from Spain and Yaroslav Korolev (12th pick, Los Angeles Clippers) from Russia.

Impact on the NBA

Over the years, the 2005 NBA Draft class has had an indelible impact on the NBA. The players drafted in this year have greatly shaped the landscape of modern-day basketball.

Hall of Fame Material

Perhaps the most renowned player from this draft class is Chris Paul, who has become one of the NBA’s all-time great point guards. Paul’s illustrious career includes numerous All-Star selections, an Olympic gold medal, and he’s sure to be a future Hall of Famer.

Key Contributors

Other players from this draft have been key contributors to their respective teams. For instance, Andrew Bogut and Andrew Bynum both played significant roles in championship runs for the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers, respectively.

The Legacy of the 2005 Draft Class

Looking back, the legacy of the 2005 NBA Draft class is filled with successful stories and a few “what could have been” scenarios. Some players achieved great heights, while others didn’t quite live up to the hype. But that’s the beauty of the NBA Draft, it’s unpredictable and full of surprises.

Chris Paul’s Draft Class the 2005 NBA Draft Class

The Rise of Chris Paul Chris Paul is often regarded as the crown jewel and best player of the 2005 NBA draft. But, have you ever stopped to think about who else was in that legendary class? Boston Celtics enthusiasts, San Antonio aficionados, and every passionate fan in between, let’s dive deep into that fateful draft and explore the careers that followed.

A Look at the Big Players Most recall Chris Paul’s illustrious play and career. But he wasn’t the only standout. The New York crowd saw David Lee’s consistent performance, a big man who was always ready to ball. Meanwhile, in San Antonio, fans hailed Ian Mahinmi’s high level of defensive hustle.

Late Round Gems Surprisingly, many players, despite their actual position in the draft, made a name for themselves. Monta Ellis and Lou Williams, straight from high school, took the NBA by storm. Imagine a re-draft – where would they be selected? And who can forget Nate Robinson’s jaw-dropping dunks and unmatched energy? He truly was one of a kind.

The Underestimated Talents While players like Jarrett Jack and Channing Frye didn’t gain the same level of recognition as CP3, their contribution to the game is undeniable. Frye, with his impeccable shooting for a big man, and Jack, with his steady play, carved their niche in the NBA.

Players that Redefined Teams Danny Granger became the face of the Indiana Pacers, showcasing versatility and leadership. Meanwhile, the Toronto Raptors drafted Charlie Villanueva, a player who could dazzle with both his play and his charismatic presence. Gerald Green, on the other hand, found his footing with the Celtics, and his high-flying antics straight from high school are still the talk of the town.

Hidden Jewels in the Draft The Washington Wizards managed to secure the talents of Andray Blatche, an underdog who had flashes of brilliance throughout his career. Ryan Gomes, Francisco Garcia, and Hakim Warrick, all brought a unique flavor to their respective teams.

Could-Have-Been Stories Every draft has its share of players whose potential remains largely untapped. Players like Fran Vazquez, who never played in the NBA, and Martell Webster, who showed promise but faced career-altering injuries. Then there’s Luther Head, a name that often goes under the radar but was a steadfast presence on the court.

Late Round Surprises The Detroit Pistons saw potential in Amir Johnson, and boy, were they right! Meanwhile, CJ Miles, despite being a late second-round pick, showcased that with enough dedication and hard work, anyone can make it big as did David Lee, Ike Diogu, Ian Mahinmi. The same can be said for Jason Maxiell, who, with his intimidating presence, often set the pace of the game.

Final Thoughts So, when you think about the 2005 draft, remember that it wasn’t just about Chris Paul. It was about recognizing talent, about late-round surprises, and about the love of the game. Whether it was the defensive hustle of the players, the dedication they showed throughout their careers, or simply their love for the ball, this draft class truly had it all.

From the national title hopes to the countless games played, the 2005 draft class has left an indelible mark on the NBA. So, to every fan from Indiana to Toronto and every city in between, cherish these memories. For they remind us of a time when legends were born, careers were built, and the game of basketball was celebrated in all its glory.

Each draft class leaves a legacy. The 2005 class, with its blend of superstars and unsung heroes, showed that with enough determination, grit, and passion, anything is possible in the world of basketball.

Note: This article is a reflection of the writer’s perspective and understanding of the 2005 NBA draft. Readers are encouraged to explore more and form their own opinions.


Reflecting on the 2005 NBA Draft gives us an insightful glimpse into the transformation of the NBA landscape. As the future generations dominate the court, the impact of the 2005 class continues to resonate. Whether through consistent performance or the foundation of their legacies, the imprint of these athletes remains an integral part of the NBA’s compelling narrative.

Thank you for reading this exploration of the 2005 NBA Draft. We hope it’s been an informative and engaging journey back in time. Remember, the future is always built on the foundations of the past. In basketball, as in life, history is continually being written. Keep watching, keep learning, and keep enjoying the beautiful game of basketball.