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2027 Mock NBA Draft

Tajh Ariza is the son of Trevor Ariza. We are betting on the NBA-level genes this far out. He also is a high-level prospect as well with a long-offer list already as well. He seems likely to continue to grow. Caleb Gaskins might have had the best freshman season averaging nearly 18 points and 10 rebounds per game while shooting 61% from the floor. If his statistics are accurate he also shot 51% from three going 21-41. That’s not high volume so it’s believable. Watch prolific prep 2027 nba mock draft.

1Tajh Ariza6’5
2Caleb Holt6’5
3Abraham J. Maker Bol6’11
4AJ Dybantsa6’7
5Jayden Johnson6’5
6Vuk Danilovic6’4
7Caleb Gaskins6’7
8Jason Crowe6’1
9Latrell Allmond6’8
10Arafan Diane6’11
11Chidi Nwigwe6’6
12Jalen Montonati6’7
13Sam Funches6’10
14Adam Oumiddoch6’5
15Elijah Williams6’6
16Hugo Yimga Moukouri6’8
17Chris Washington6’7
18Jasiah Cannady6’2
19Matthys Mahop6’3
20Ethan Hillsman6’6
21Des Bellot6’3
22Eddie Smajic6’5
23Ikenna Alozie6’4
24Manny Green6’6
25Kaden House6’3
26Marcus Johnson6’1
27Jalen Grant6’0
28AJ Washington6’2
29Trey Beamer6’1
30T.J. Crumble6’7