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Babolat Pure Drive

Manufacturers of racquets that place a strong emphasis on spin include Babolat. Both pros and amateurs wishing to master topspin or slice groundstrokes can benefit from their Pure Drive’s reliable and simple-to-achieve spin.

The meticulously planned string arrangements of this racquet are what give it its spin. The Pure Drive’s large head size and 1619 string design result in a lot of friction between the strings and the tennis ball when they make contact, which allows you to generate more spin than you would with most racquets with denser string patterns.

The easiest power on groundstrokes and serves makes the Pure Drive series famous. It is one of the top 7 powerful tennis racquets. The Pure Drive is the best at achieving this amount of power while keeping control, allowing players to hit the ball forcefully and accurately even if the shot is slightly off-center.

The Pure Drive’s strong frame aids in power even if it is not as broad as the Pure Aero. This racquet isn’t the heaviest on the market, therefore the engineering and technological advancements are what give it its strength.

Although not the most potent racquet available, it performs above average for such a high-tech racquet.

The enhanced feel and comfort level of the 2021 Pure Drive are arguably the best updates. By controlling vibrations, the Babolat Pure Feel technology gives the player excellent feel on every shot.

The new technology provides tremendous comfort even on small mishits by reducing impact without reducing power. That is among the qualities that make this racquet so excellent.

When choosing the Pure Drive Team or Lite, the racquet is even more comfortable to handle. Naturally, your shots will have a little less power, but you’ll have better control and handling.

For a tennis racquet with even better control and feel, check out our evaluation of the Babolat Pure Strike.

Like earlier iterations, the Pure Drive 2021 is simple to control. When strung, the racquet weighs 11.2 ounces. You get a racquet that cuts through the air, decreases drag, and reacts well to every shot when you combine that with the frame design.

This racquet is simple to maneuver with and swing with for players who love to play from the baseline. No matter if you strike it flat or with topspin, it is ideal for groundstrokes. On your serve, you can also produce a lot of racquet head speed and power.

However, if you play mostly at the net, we do not advise using this racquet. You definitely give up some mobility on volleys because of the big frame.

This is not a deal breaker because the increased strength and spin on your serves and groundstrokes more than make up for the slight reduction in mobility near the net.

This racquet should be taken into consideration if you’re serious about developing your game. The Babolat Pure Drive is the ideal racquet for those who want to advance quickly, whether they play competitively or just for fun.

The Pure Drive was made to enable players of all skill levels to maximize their potential, unlike other racquets that are just suitable for one level of play. There is a reason why this is one of the racquets that has sold the most over the past ten years.

This tennis racquet is excellent all-around, but it works best for singles players who want to combine power and control with their groundstrokes. It was primarily intended to be used as a baseline. It doesn’t do poorly with volleys; rather, because it excels in other areas more, it makes a small concession in this one.

Grip Size4 1/4
Sport TypeTennis
Skill LevelIntermediate
Frame MaterialGraphite
Shaft MaterialGraphite
Item Weight10.6 Ounces
Age Range (Description)Adult

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