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Best Gift For A Sports Dad

We’ve all been there, what do I get Dad that he doesn’t already own. We’ve got you covered with some ideas for the sportsman, or just the mans man.

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Author and parenting expert Tom Limbert takes wisdom from John Madden, Vince Lombardi, Tommy Lasorda, Phil Jackson, and many more, and applies it to fatherhood. He’ll love learning from some of the sports greats.Dad’s Playbook is a homerun gift for any new or soon-to-be dad that needs coaching up.


Let’s face it if you’re shopping for you Dad, he’s probably at least middle age. Most of us get aches weather it’s hitting tennis or golf balls or racking the yard. Massage those muscle knots and cramps out with the best gift you didn’t know you needed.


For most of us not fortunate enough to live in sunny warm weather places this time of the year, this is more of an investment towards the summer. It’s a great item everyone needs as skin cancers are on the rise. If you father likes to golf or spend his time outside, especially in the summer when the UV is at it’s peak. This is a great gift, especially for those that don’t to bathe in sunscreen. Watchout for your old man.


Most dads are old school, but this is an investment the younger one can make the better. Help him save his teeth and lots of grief with a practical gift that really matters. He’ll know it’s expensive and be more likely to use it knowing you care about him and his overall health.


It’s 2022, who couldn’t use some quality air pods to listen to music, podcast, news etc while you go through life. They are great for the driving range, working out, or just sitting around.

If you are working off a more strict budget, this is a are great highly reviewed option for under 15 dollars as well.

It can be a great stocking suffer, or back up pair as well that he doesn’t mind losing. He doesn’t have to know how much they cost. They certainly seem like a much more expensive gift which doesn’t hurt.