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The Best Golf Training Aids For Swing Plane and Tempo

Improving your golf swing is an ongoing pursuit for any golfer looking to enhance their skills. Achieving the perfect swing plane and tempo are crucial elements that can make or break your game. Fortunately, with the advancement of golf training aids, golfers now have access to effective tools designed to refine their swing plane and tempo. In this article, we’ll explore the six best golf training aids available in the market that can assist you in mastering your swing plane and tempo.

  1. Swing Plane Trainer: The swing plane is the path the club follows during the swing. A swing plane trainer is an essential aid that helps golfers understand and perfect their swing plane. These devices come in various forms, including hinged clubs, alignment sticks, and swing guides. By using a swing plane trainer, golfers can develop muscle memory, promote proper sequencing, and gain a better understanding of the ideal swing plane for consistent ball striking.
  2. Tempo Trainer: Tempo is the rhythm and timing of your swing, which significantly impacts your shot consistency. A tempo trainer is designed to help golfers find their optimal swing rhythm. These aids typically consist of weighted clubs or specialized devices that provide auditory feedback or physical cues to maintain the desired tempo. By practicing with a tempo trainer, golfers can develop a smooth and balanced swing, leading to more accurate shots.
  3. Video Analysis Software: Video analysis has become an invaluable tool for golfers seeking to improve their swing plane and tempo. With the advent of user-friendly video analysis software, golfers can record their swings and carefully analyze them frame by frame. This allows players to identify flaws, track progress, and make necessary adjustments to their swing mechanics. Combining video analysis software with a swing plane trainer and tempo trainer can provide comprehensive insights into one’s swing technique.
  4. Impact Bag: The impact bag is a versatile training aid that helps golfers refine their swing plane and improve their ball striking. This aid resembles a large, sturdy bag filled with sand or other materials. By hitting the impact bag, golfers can develop a better sense of impact position, train the correct hand position, and promote a downward strike for better contact with the ball. Incorporating the impact bag into your training routine can significantly enhance swing plane control.
  5. Smart Wearables: In recent years, the emergence of smart wearables has revolutionized golf training. Various companies have introduced wearable devices, such as sensors or bracelets, that provide real-time swing analysis and feedback. These smart wearables can track swing plane, tempo, clubhead speed, and other crucial swing metrics. With the data collected, golfers can identify areas of improvement, monitor progress, and make adjustments accordingly.
  6. Putting Alignment Mirror: While swing plane and tempo are often associated with full swings, they also play a vital role in putting. A putting alignment mirror is a training aid that helps golfers improve their putting stroke by promoting correct alignment, consistent eye position, and precise ball contact. By utilizing a putting alignment mirror, golfers can establish a proper setup, ensure square clubface alignment, and develop a smooth and accurate putting tempo.


Mastering your swing plane and tempo is a continuous journey for golfers of all skill levels. Fortunately, with the aid of modern training tools, refining these crucial aspects of your swing has become more accessible than ever. By incorporating the six best golf training aids for swing plane and tempo mentioned above into your practice routine, you can enhance your swing mechanics, achieve greater consistency, and ultimately take your golf game to new heights. Invest in these training aids, dedicate yourself to practice, and watch as your swing plane and tempo become the envy of the golf course.