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Break Point In Tennis

In tennis, a break point refers to a game point in which the receiver is one point away from winning the game on the server’s serve. If the receiver wins the next point, they break the server’s serve and win the game. If the server wins the next point, the game continues. Typically, a player will have several break point opportunities during a match, and converting these opportunities into service breaks can be a crucial factor in winning the match.

Tennis is a sport with razor-thin rules. A few points here and there may frequently determine a game.

Even a straightforward victory will have had multiple crucial moments that might have flipped a game, set, or even the match on its head, despite the fact that it may not always appear that way.

As a result, winning the crucial points rather than just the overall amount of points gained frequently determines the outcome of a game.

Break points are among of the most important moments in any tennis match.

Tennis is a game of strategy, precision, and skill. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner, understanding the terms and rules of the game is essential. One of the most critical concepts in tennis is the “break point.” In this article, we’ll provide a beginner’s guide to break point in tennis and how it can impact your game.

What is a Break Point?

A break point occurs when the player receiving the serve has the opportunity to win the game by breaking the serve of the opponent. In other words, the receiver only needs one more point to win the game. If the receiver wins the next point, they break their opponent’s serve and win the game.

Why is it Important?

Break points are crucial in tennis because they can shift the momentum of a match. If a player is serving well and has not lost a game, breaking their serve can be a significant advantage for the opposing player. Breaking the serve can also put the pressure back on the serving player, making it harder for them to hold serve in the future.

How to Play Break Points?

To win a break point, the receiver needs to focus on returning the serve and making their opponent play. By returning the serve deep and placing it in a challenging position, the receiver can put pressure on their opponent and force them to make mistakes.

On the other hand, the serving player needs to remain focused and play aggressively. Serving well and following it up with a strong shot can help them regain control of the game and prevent the receiver from winning the break point.


In conclusion, understanding the concept of break point in tennis is essential for players of all levels. By knowing what a break point is, why it’s important, and how to play it, players can improve their strategy and increase their chances of winning matches. Remember, the key to winning a break point is staying focused, playing aggressively, and taking advantage of opportunities when they arise. With practice and dedication, players can master the art of break points and enjoy the many benefits of playing this exciting and challenging sport.