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Bryce James LeBron’s Youngest Son

Bryce Maximus James (what a cool name BTW). Bryce James is LeBron’s youngest son as you probably know if you have found this landing spot. We’ve scouting future classes including his brother, so let’s take a look at the youngest James.

Height & Age

The first notable aspect is that while Bryce James is younger, he has already surpassed his older brother, Bronny James who is nearly 3 years older, in height. Standing 6-6 at only 15 years old (June 14th, 2007). LeBron James was reportedly 6-5 at 15 years old so Bryce James likely has a couple more inches of growth in him given his age. Even if this is his finished height 6-6 gives him a much more serious platform as a prospect to perform from.


I wish I could give you some stats for either Bronny James or Bryce James, but apparently, Sierra Canyon stats became a black box after Bronny’s freshman year there. Despite being one of the highest profile high school basketball teams in the country you can’t even find a box score much less points per game.

We’ll just have to gather what information we can from the highlights that have been put out.

This is a pretty solid highlight real. He makes multiple three-point shots and looks good doing it. Of course no context of a percentage though so the actual tangible results could be poor for all we know. The most impressive play to me was 1:17 in. Bryce James displays some nice footwork and body control on that play. It’s worth checking out.

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