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Coaching Hot Seat

Updated December 9th article

Summer 20222021-22
Patrick EwingGeorgetown6-25 (0-19) #194 NETPsssssss
Jeff CapelPitt11-21 (6-14) #193 NETHe’s the 16th highest-paid coach. Some dummy gave him that contract mid way the 2nd season through 2027 Yikes
Kevin KeatsNC State11-21 (4-16) #139 NETSebron Saves him I think
Josh PastnerGeorgia Tech11-20 (5-15) #157 NETSurprised he has a job
Mark FoxCalifornia12-20 (5-15) #150 NET2 NCAA’s in 9 years at Georgia, I don’t know what they were thinking. Nevada got worse before that
Bobby HurleyArizona State14-17 (10-10) #100 NETMaybe guys that weren’t good enough to win at Nevada can save him?
Chris CollinsNorthwestern14-16 (7-13) #91 NETShould have stayed in Coach K’s nest
Mike HopkinsWashington17-15 (11-9) #113 NETDid you know he coached a Final 4 team?
Brad BrownellClemson17-16 (8-12) #81 NETThis is a cumulative building of relative mediocrity
Jay LadnerUSM5-26 (1-17) #341 NETI believe in giving alums chances, but he’s won 27% of his games at USM and was #341 in year 3
Brian GregoryUSF8-23 (3-15) #245 NETHow did he get hired at USF first off and how does he still have a job making 1.6 million
Jeff JonesOld Dominion13-19 (8-10) #201 NETTough, had health issues last year so I’ll just wish him health
Ron SanchezCharlotte17-14 (10-8) #188 NETRemember that time Charlotte fired 51 year old Alum Bobby Lutz for going 19-12 and #80 RPI, yeah that was dumb and they have paid
Billy LangeSaint Joseph11-19 (5-13) #182 NETHe was 93-114 at Navy when they hired him, who couldn’t have seen this coming
Wayne TinkleOregon State3-28 (1-19) #255 NETHe just took them to the Elite 8 2two years ago, but how flukey is that 12 seed Covid empty arena stuff looking now. I don’t see the cavalry riding in to stop this. The 2nd time the bottom has fallen out after his 2 NCAA apperances. Crazy