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Georgia Basketball History

The University of Georgia, located in Athens, Georgia, is known for its men’s basketball program. Here is a brief overview of the history of University of Georgia basketball:

Early Years: The University of Georgia men’s basketball program was established in 1891, making it one of the oldest basketball programs in the United States. However, the team did not compete regularly until the 1905-06 season.

SEC Era: The Bulldogs joined the Southeastern Conference (SEC) in 1932 and have been a member ever since. Georgia has had both successful and challenging periods throughout its history. Notable coaches during this era include Herman Stegeman, who coached the team for 26 years from 1923 to 1954, and Hugh Durham, who coached the team from 1979 to 1995 and led the Bulldogs to their only Final Four appearance in 1983.

Postseason Success: The University of Georgia has made a total of 12 appearances in the NCAA Tournament, with their best performance coming in 1983 when they reached the Final Four. They have also made several appearances in the National Invitation Tournament (NIT).

Notable Players: Over the years, the University of Georgia has produced many talented basketball players who have gone on to have successful careers in the NBA, including Dominique Wilkins, who is considered one of the greatest players in NBA history, and more recently, players like Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Jarvis Hayes, and Trey Thompkins.

Home Venue: The Bulldogs play their home games at Stegeman Coliseum, a multi-purpose arena located on the University of Georgia campus in Athens. The arena has a seating capacity of 10,523 and has been the home of Georgia basketball since it opened in 1964.

Conference Championships: The University of Georgia has won two SEC regular-season championships, in 1990 and 1991, and four SEC Tournament championships, in 1983, 1988, 1990, and 2008.

Overall, the University of Georgia basketball program has had its ups and downs throughout its history, but it has produced notable players, made postseason appearances, and had successful seasons. Fans of Georgia basketball continue to support their team with enthusiasm, and the program looks forward to building on its rich history in the years to come.

AP FinalNCAA TournamentSeed
2022-23Michael White (16-16)SEC
2021-22Tom Crean (6-26)SEC
2020-21Tom Crean (14-12)SEC
2019-20Tom Crean (16-16)SEC
2018-19Tom Crean (11-21)SEC
2017-18Mark Fox (18-15)SEC
2016-17Mark Fox (19-15)SEC
2015-16Mark Fox (20-14)SEC
2014-15Mark Fox (21-12)SECLost NCAA Tournament Second Round10
2013-14Mark Fox (20-14)SEC
2012-13Mark Fox (15-17)SEC
2011-12Mark Fox (15-17)SEC
2010-11Mark Fox (21-12)SECLost NCAA Tournament Second Round10
2009-10Mark Fox (14-17)SEC
2008-09Dennis Felton (9-11), Pete Herman (3-9)SEC
2007-08Dennis Felton (17-17)SECLost NCAA Tournament First Round14
2006-07Dennis Felton (19-14)SEC
2005-06Dennis Felton (15-15)SEC
2004-05Dennis Felton (8-20)SEC
2003-04Dennis Felton (16-14)SEC
2002-03Jim Harrick (19-8)SEC25
2001-02Jim Harrick (22-10)SEC23Lost NCAA Tournament Second Round*3
2000-01Jim Harrick (16-15)SECLost NCAA Tournament First Round8
1999-00Jim Harrick (10-20)SEC
1998-99Ron Jirsa (15-15)SEC
1997-98Ron Jirsa (20-15)SEC
1996-97Tubby Smith (24-9)SEC17Lost NCAA Tournament First Round3
1995-96Tubby Smith (21-10)SECLost NCAA Tournament Regional Semifinal8
1994-95Hugh Durham (18-10)SEC
1993-94Hugh Durham (14-16)SEC
1992-93Hugh Durham (15-14)SEC
1991-92Hugh Durham (15-14)SEC
1990-91Hugh Durham (17-13)SECLost NCAA Tournament First Round11
1989-90Hugh Durham (20-9)SECLost NCAA Tournament First Round7
1988-89Hugh Durham (15-16)SEC
1987-88Hugh Durham (20-16)SEC
1986-87Hugh Durham (18-12)SECLost NCAA Tournament First Round8
1985-86Hugh Durham (17-13)SEC
1984-85Hugh Durham (22-9)SEC19Lost NCAA Tournament Second Round*6
1983-84Hugh Durham (17-13)SEC
1982-83Hugh Durham (24-10)SEC18Lost NCAA Tournament National Semifinal4
1981-82Hugh Durham (19-12)SEC
1980-81Hugh Durham (19-12)SEC
1979-80Hugh Durham (14-13)SEC
1978-79Hugh Durham (14-14)SEC
1977-78John Guthrie (11-16)SEC
1976-77John Guthrie (9-18)SEC
1975-76John Guthrie (12-15)SEC
1974-75John Guthrie (8-17)SEC
1973-74John Guthrie (6-20)SEC
1972-73Ken Rosemond (10-16)SEC
1971-72Ken Rosemond (14-12)SEC
1970-71Ken Rosemond (6-19)SEC
1969-70Ken Rosemond (13-12)SEC
1968-69Ken Rosemond (13-12)SEC
1967-68Ken Rosemond (17-8)SEC
1966-67Ken Rosemond (9-17)SEC
1965-66Ken Rosemond (10-15)SEC
1964-65Red Lawson (8-18)SEC
1963-64Red Lawson (12-14)SEC
1962-63Red Lawson (9-17)SEC
1961-62Red Lawson (8-16)SEC
1960-61Red Lawson (8-18)SEC
1959-60Red Lawson (12-13)SEC
1958-59Red Lawson (11-15)SEC
1957-58Red Lawson (7-19)SEC
1956-57Red Lawson (8-16)SEC
1955-56Red Lawson (3-21)SEC
1954-55Red Lawson (9-16)SEC
1953-54Red Lawson (7-18)SEC
1952-53Red Lawson (7-18)SEC
1951-52Red Lawson (3-22)SEC
1950-51Jim Whatley (13-11)SEC
1949-50Jim Whatley (11-7), Ralph Jordan (4-2)SEC
1948-49Ralph Jordan (17-13)SEC
1947-48Ralph Jordan (18-10)SEC
1946-47Elmer Lampe (3-11), Ralph Jordan (2-3)SEC
1945-46Elmer Lampe (12-9)SEC
1944-45Elmer Lampe (5-16)SEC
1943-44Elmer Lampe (7-10)SEC
1942-43Elmer Lampe (4-13)SEC
1941-42Elmer Lampe (7-10)SEC
1940-41Elmer Lampe (13-11)SEC
1939-40Elmer Lampe (20-6)SEC
1938-39Elmer Lampe (11-6)SEC
1937-38Emil Breitkreutz (9-4), Red Smith (1-1), Rex Enright (2-5)SEC
1936-37Rex Enright (10-6)SEC
1935-36Rex Enright (9-11)SEC
1934-35Rex Enright (12-8)SEC
1933-34Rex Enright (10-9)SEC
1932-33Rex Enright (9-10)SEC
1931-32Red Smith (19-7)Southern
1930-31Herman Stegeman (23-2)Southern
1929-30Herman Stegeman (17-6)Southern
1928-29Herman Stegeman (17-7)Southern
1927-28Herman Stegeman (13-10)Southern
1926-27Herman Stegeman (14-8)Southern
1925-26Herman Stegeman (18-6)Southern
1924-25Herman Stegeman (9-11)Southern
1923-24Herman Stegeman (16-5)Southern
1922-23Herman Stegeman (11-8)Southern
1921-22Herman Stegeman (10-5)Southern
1920-21Herman Stegeman (13-4)Southern
1919-20Herman Stegeman (9-7)Ind
1918-19Kennon Mott (5-3)Ind
1917-18Alfred Scott (6-1)Ind
1916-17W.A. Cunningham (8-1)Ind
1915-16Howell Peacock (7-2)Ind
1914-15Howell Peacock (4-3)Ind
1913-14Howell Peacock (9-1)Ind
1912-13Howell Peacock (10-1)Ind
1911-12C.O. Heidler (6-1)Ind
1910-11W.A. Cunningham (2-5)Ind
1909-10C.O. Heidler (2-1)Ind
1908-09C.O. Heidler (6-2)Ind
1907-08C.O. Heidler (2-2)Ind
1906-07W.T. Forbes (2-0)Ind
1905-06W.T. Forbes (0-2)Ind
FromToWLW-L%REG ChampTRN ChampNCAAF4NatChamp
Hugh Durham197919952982160.5811510
Herman Stegeman19201931170790.68310
Mark Fox201020181631330.55100200
Red Lawson195219651122410.31700000
Ken Rosemond19661973921110.45300000
Dennis Felton2004200984910.4801100
Elmer Lampe1939194782920.47100000
Jim Harrick2000200367530.55810200
Rex Enright1933193852490.51500
Tom Crean2019202247750.38500000
John Guthrie1974197846860.34800000
Tubby Smith1996199745190.70300200
Ralph Jordan1947195041280.59400000
Ron Jirsa1998199935300.53800000
Howell Peacock191319163070.81100
Jim Whatley1950195124180.57100000
Red Smith193219382080.71401
C.O. Heidler190819121660.72700
Michael White2023202316160.500000
W.A. Cunningham191119171060.62500
Emil Breitkreutz19381938940.69200
Alfred Scott19181918610.85700
Kennon Mott19191919530.62500
Pete Herman20092009390.2500000
W.T. Forbes19061907220.500