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The process of buying your first set of clubs can be overwhelming for a beginner, take a lot of time, and be pricey if you haven’t done your research. That’s why I always advise newbies to start by looking at whole golf sets. They are more reasonably priced and come with every club a beginner needs.

A well-balanced set of clubs gives you many of alternatives and allows you to practice all facets of your game, which is perfect for beginners. This also helps ward against frustration and boredom. Simply switch to one of the numerous other clubs if you’re having trouble with one.

Explosive ball speed: To improve distance, the driver creates a fast ball speed. You can not only study with but also gain from using this excellent driver. Golfers of all skill levels will enjoy it.

Low center of gravity: The 3-wood’s low CG encourages high, straight strokes, which is particularly useful for beginning players. The first stage is getting the ball off the ground, and using a fairway wood makes this task more difficult. This one enables you to smoothly transition from a beginning to a novice.

Excellent grass interaction is provided by the 5-hybrid for a clean strike from any lie. Any hybrid’s adaptability is what makes it beautiful, but having five hybrids means this will probably be your favorite club.
Mid irons that are stable: Mid irons that are stable and encourage straight strokes will help you form excellent habits.

The pitching and sand wedges in the set produce the best spin for the best greenside control. If you’re just starting out, this might not seem like a big deal, but as you get better, it will be helpful, so it’s wonderful to have this degree of care in your first set of clubs.

Callaway’s Edge package comes with a 44-degree pitching wedge and a 54-degree sand wedge for your short game. The Odyssey White Hot Pro putter, which is the last item in the collection, is excellent for honing a strong putting stroke.

Although the set’s components are good for beginning golfers, its lack of a bag is a drawback.

The 10.5-degree Callaway Edge driver is the subject of this Callaway Edge Driver review. With its large titanium head and quick, narrow face, it generates the best ball speed even with off-center blows.

The set’s 3-wood has a large profile, similar to the driver. In order to encourage high and straight ball flight, Callaway was able to position the CG low and apply perimeter weighting as a result.

The club’s loft, which is 15 degrees, is typical for a 3-wood. Some players, nevertheless, might want a 16 or 16.5-degree choice. You have a hybrid for situations like this, even though it could be challenging to strike from thick rough.

Since Callaway’s 5-hybrid is simpler to launch high and far, it replaces a four and five-iron in the Edge set. The compact head of the club makes it easy for it to glide over the turf from any lie and provide clean contact with the ball.

Additionally, the high trajectory of this hybrid’s strokes results in softer landings, which makes it simpler to hold the green from a distance. As you develop, you might want to add a 4-hybrid to bridge the gap between your 5-hybrid and 3-wood because having just one hybrid limits your possibilities.

Due to the absence of longer irons, this Callaway Edge irons review will focus on the four clubs included in this package. The set’s 9-iron is lofted at 39 degrees, while the 6-iron has the strongest loft at 26 degrees.

For maximum forgiveness, these cavity-back irons include a larger head shape and perimeter weighting. In order to guarantee a sturdy clubhead and a straighter shot from a variety of lie conditions, they are developed to deliver remarkable stability upon impact.

A throwing and sand wedge were two wedges that Callaway introduced to the Edge set. For improved shot-stopping power and spin on pitch and chip shots, the pitching wedge in the set has an aggressive groove design.

On the other hand, the sand wedge has a wide sole. It is designed to float over sand and uneven terrain. It encourages a perfect connection between clubface and ball as a result.

The putter, which is the most important tool, was saved until last. A straightforward Odyssey White Hot Pro putter made for golfers with arc strokes is part of Callaway’s Edge package.

The putter also has a Super-Stroke grip, which minimizes wrist movement and guarantees stability throughout your stroke.

Size10*5*25 cm
Golf Club FlexUniflex
Hand OrientationRight
Golf Club Loft10.5 Degrees
Shaft MaterialGraphite
Grip TypePutter

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