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College Football

NAIA Football Rankings

NAIA College Football Rankings

1MorningsideGreat Plains
2Northwestern IAGreat Plains
3Indiana WesleyanMid-States
5Grand ViewHeart of America
6Marian INMid-States
7Lindsey WilsonMid-South
8Benedictine KSHeart of America
9Coll of IdahoFrontier
10DordtGreat Plains
11St Thomas FLSun
12Carroll MTFrontier
13Bethel TNMid-South
14Southwestern KSKCAC
17Montana TechFrontier
18Bethel KSKCAC
19Midland U.Great Plains
20Dickinson StNorth Star
21St XavierMid-States
23Georgetown KYMid-South
24Rocky MountainFrontier
25Kansas WesleyanKCAC

A Brief Overview of NAIA Football
When you think of college football, powerhouse Division I schools might come to mind. But what about those institutions that are smaller in size but equally abundant in passion? That’s where NAIA college football shines. Operating outside the limelight, these teams showcase raw talent, community spirit, and an unadulterated love for the game.

The Essence of College Football Beyond Division I
Many people may not be familiar with the NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics). However, for thousands of student-athletes, it represents an opportunity to continue playing the sport they love while pursuing higher education. And, boy, do they play with heart!

Understanding the NAIA

Origins of the NAIA
Founded in 1937, the NAIA began as a response to the need for another collegiate athletic organization. The NCAA was already in full swing, but many institutions felt overlooked or underserved.

How NAIA Differs from NCAA
NAIA offers a more flexible approach to student-athletic participation, focusing on smaller academic institutions. Its primary aim? To promote the education and development of students first, athletes second.

The Beauty of NAIA Football

Passion Over Prestige
Walking into an NAIA football game, you might not find the colossal stadiums or flashy jumbotrons. What you will find is undiluted enthusiasm. The cheers from the sidelines aren’t from paid cheerleaders; they’re from students, families, and alumni who truly care.

Tales from the Field: Personal Narratives
Like the time the underdog team from a tiny town overcame a 30-point deficit to claim victory. Or when a third-string quarterback stepped up and threw the game-winning touchdown. These are stories of determination, resilience, and triumph against all odds.

The Community Behind the Teams
Perhaps the most beautiful aspect of NAIA football is its community. With smaller class sizes and a tight-knit student body, everyone knows each other. It’s not uncommon for professors, local businesses, and even the college dean to turn up and support their team.

Challenges Faced by NAIA Teams

Balancing Academics and Sport
Unlike their NCAA counterparts, NAIA athletes don’t often get full-ride scholarships. They balance rigorous academic schedules with intense practice sessions, embodying the true spirit of a student-athlete.

Financial Hurdles: The Struggle for Funding
Field maintenance, equipment upgrades, and travel expenses add up. And with limited funding, NAIA teams often get creative, hosting fundraisers and community events to support their sports programs.

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