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Over Ranked

Adjusted Efficiency (ADJeff):This is the peak productivity per possession qualifying season a player has had in their career, adjusted for strength of schedule. 22+ minutes a game or 14+ppg to qualify.

I don’t like saying overrated, however, there is little to no statistical argument to have any of them ranked on Top 25 players in the nation at this point like I have seen multiple other outlets have them. They are top 100 at least by basically everyone. It’s not the players fault, it’s the outside perception that put them in this position. They are solid P5 level players that should rank in the top 450 players but not top 25 IMO.

It’s like it’s 1992 though and there is no concept of efficiency at all or actually doing productive things per possession on the court for some of them. It’s just maybe points per game for some on .480% or less true shooting, which is terrible even by guard standards. Then in other cases like Caleb McConnell who I have seen ranked as high as top 15 there is zero logical rational. He averaged 7ppg, 5.3rpg, 2.2spg and does on a .460 true shooting. 2 seasons ago he shot .380 True shooting while averaging 5.7ppg which is as bad as you will ever see.

I’m sure the comeback would be defense, and while he is a good defender, Rutgers still has a negative net rating when he’s on the court.

This is the actual productivity per possession and efficiency per minute rankings. The actual numbers, and adjusted for SOS. You can look up their stats and judge for yourself if you believe these are really top 25 impact players.

National RankADJ eff
256Mike MilesJrTCU3.775
272Caleb LoveSrNorth Carolina3.75
318Tyrese HunterSoTexas3.5275
398Caleb McConnellSrRutgers3.069
401Brandon MurraySoGeorgetown3.0525
413Jeremy RoachSoDuke2.925
433Ryan NembhardSoCreighton2.775