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Real PER

Player Efficiency Rating created by John Hollinger is still one of the best statistics in my opinion. When you talk about a 15 PER, 20 PER, or 30 PER I think it’s easy to understand what level of player this is. Players may get there different ways but you immediately understand the value per possession and excellence it takes to achieve these levels. I think the proof of how good this stat really is, is in the fact you can’t show a player with a 25+ PER that plays real minutes that’s really not a good player. I think it’s impossible because to reach those levels you have to be doing a lot of positive things on a basketball court.

With all that said there are some weaknesses in the formula, and it’s a weakness that is inherent in most all basketball statistics. That’s accounting for defensive impact. I think at this point if you are a fan of basketball statistics you understand the blind spots. It’s a hard nut to crack because unless you are a center it’s hard to really impact the defense a lot by yourself, so team defense and who you have around you matters and not every situation is the same. Still there are some formula’s that give us a glimpse into defense. Out of the most popular ones looking at on and off numbers I think real plus minus has a lot of value.

Something I’ve been doing for several years is using defensive RPM and combining it with PER. I don’t weight it because I think the values are pretty appropriate, because offense is still the more important side of the ball, and some defense disruption stats like blocks and steals are already included. Adding Defensive Real Plus Minus in my opinion just gives that extra bit of information. If you are a poor defender like Kyrie Irving for instance it does show up, where as a Rudy Gobert is rewarded.

1Nikola Jokic, DEN32.946.6239.56
2Joel Embiid, PHI31.245.5236.76
3Giannis Antetokounmpo, MIL32.121.6733.79
4Rudy Gobert, UTAH24.76832.76
5Kevin Durant, BKN25.692.3928.08
6Robert Williams III, BOS22.15.7427.84
7Jayson Tatum, BOS21.875.7427.61
8Jarrett Allen, CLE23.084.5227.6
9Bam Adebayo, MIA21.915.6427.55
10LeBron James, LAL26.251.0727.32
11Kristaps Porzingis, DAL/WSH23.783.3427.12
12Trae Young, ATL25.481.2126.69
13Deandre Ayton, PHX21.994.1926.18
14Karl-Anthony Towns, MIN24.211.9326.14
15Jimmy Butler, MIA23.652.4826.13
16Anthony Davis, LAL23.972.1426.11
17Luka Doncic, DAL25.130.926.03
18DeMar DeRozan, CHI23.132.8525.98
19Domantas Sabonis, IND/SAC21.933.9325.86
20Stephen Curry, GS21.474.3125.78
21Dejounte Murray, SA22.322.4424.76
22Ja Morant, MEM24.53-1.0523.48
23Devin Booker, PHX21.381.8523.23
24Donovan Mitchell, UTAH21.641.3522.99
25Kyrie Irving, BKN21.49-1.0420.45