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Sports website was established in 2000. The website, which was originally focused on basketball, has subsequently broadened its focus to include data on American football, baseball, ice hockey, and soccer. The website was among the 5000 most popular websites in January 2009, according to Alexa. Along with off-topic, media, and graphic arts forums, the website also features boards for basketball teams. The website also sells tickets for sporting events. Its news is mostly focused on players, their mobility, and their behavior in their various leagues.

The staff writers “have produced outstanding work throughout the years,” according to a report by CBSSports. The website was referred to as “one of the most significant independent voices inside basketball” by Sports Business Journal.

Juan Dixon of the Washington Wizards, who scored 35 points in a playoff game in 2005, cited a post on the site as inspiration. Dixon revealed to the media that he had been made aware of a topic in the RealGM forum named “The Incredibly Juan Dixon Thread” by one of his pals. Dixon claimed that the thread had given him more drive to retaliate against them. After learning that they had inspired Dixon, forum users described feeling entitled.



One of the best NBA communities and message boards, it’s a personal favorite of ours as well.