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South Carolina Basketball History

The University of South Carolina, located in Columbia, South Carolina, has a rich basketball history that spans several decades. Here are some highlights of the University of South Carolina basketball history:

  1. Program Beginnings: The University of South Carolina men’s basketball program began in 1908, and the women’s program started in 1974.
  2. Conference Affiliations: The South Carolina men’s basketball team has been a member of various conferences throughout its history, including the Southern Conference, Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), Metro Conference, Southeastern Conference (SEC), and currently competes in the SEC.
  3. Early Success: The South Carolina men’s basketball program experienced success in the 1960s and 1970s under head coach Frank McGuire. The Gamecocks made their first NCAA Tournament appearance in 1969 and reached the Final Four in 1971, led by star player John Roche.
  4. Frank Martin Era: Frank Martin was hired as the head coach of the South Carolina men’s basketball team in 2012. Under his leadership, the program has experienced a resurgence, with notable achievements including the first Final Four appearance in school history in 2017. The Gamecocks also won their first SEC regular-season championship in 1997 and made consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances from 2016 to 2018.
  5. Women’s Basketball Success: The South Carolina women’s basketball team has experienced significant success under head coach Dawn Staley. The Gamecocks have won several SEC regular-season championships, SEC Tournament championships, and have made multiple appearances in the NCAA Tournament, including reaching the Final Four in 2015 and winning the NCAA National Championship in 2017.
  6. Notable Players: The University of South Carolina has produced many notable players who have had successful careers in college and professional basketball. Some of the notable players from South Carolina include John Roche, Alex English, BJ McKie, Devan Downey, and A’ja Wilson, among others.
  7. Home Arena: The South Carolina basketball teams play their home games at the Colonial Life Arena, which is located on the university’s campus in Columbia, South Carolina.

Overall, the University of South Carolina has a proud basketball history with notable successes, talented players, and dedicated coaches who have contributed to the program’s legacy. Whether it’s the men’s or women’s team, the University of South Carolina has made significant strides and has left an indelible mark on the world of college basketball.

SeasonCoach(es)ConfAP FinalNCAA TournamentSeed
2022-23Lamont Paris (11-21)SEC
2021-22Frank Martin (18-13)SEC
2020-21Frank Martin (6-15)SEC
2019-20Frank Martin (18-13)SEC
2018-19Frank Martin (16-16)SEC
2017-18Frank Martin (17-16)SEC
2016-17Frank Martin (26-11)SECLost NCAA Tournament National Semifinal7
2015-16Frank Martin (25-9)SEC
2014-15Frank Martin (17-16)SEC
2013-14Frank Martin (14-20)SEC
2012-13Frank Martin (14-18)SEC
2011-12Darrin Horn (10-21)SEC
2010-11Darrin Horn (14-16)SEC
2009-10Darrin Horn (15-16)SEC
2008-09Darrin Horn (21-10)SEC
2007-08Dave Odom (14-18)SEC
2006-07Dave Odom (14-16)SEC
2005-06Dave Odom (23-15)SEC
2004-05Dave Odom (20-13)SEC
2003-04Dave Odom (23-11)SEC23Lost NCAA Tournament First Round10
2002-03Dave Odom (12-16)SEC
2001-02Dave Odom (22-15)SEC
2000-01Eddie Fogler (15-15)SEC
1999-00Eddie Fogler (15-17)SEC
1998-99Eddie Fogler (8-21)SEC
1997-98Eddie Fogler (23-8)SEC14Lost NCAA Tournament First Round3
1996-97Eddie Fogler (24-8)SEC6Lost NCAA Tournament First Round2
1995-96Eddie Fogler (19-12)SEC
1994-95Eddie Fogler (10-17)SEC
1993-94Eddie Fogler (9-19)SEC
1992-93Steve Newton (9-18)SEC
1991-92Steve Newton (11-17)SEC
1990-91George Felton (20-13)Metro
1989-90George Felton (14-14)Metro
1988-89George Felton (19-11)MetroLost NCAA Tournament First Round12
1987-88George Felton (19-10)Metro
1986-87George Felton (15-14)Metro
1985-86Bill E. Foster (12-16)Metro
1984-85Bill E. Foster (15-13)Metro
1983-84Bill E. Foster (12-16)Metro
1982-83Bill E. Foster (22-9)Ind
1981-82Bill E. Foster (14-15)Ind
1980-81Bill E. Foster (17-10)Ind
1979-80Frank McGuire (16-11)Ind
1978-79Frank McGuire (15-12)Ind
1977-78Frank McGuire (16-12)Ind
1976-77Frank McGuire (14-12)Ind
1975-76Frank McGuire (18-9)Ind
1974-75Frank McGuire (19-9)Ind
1973-74Frank McGuire (22-5)Ind19Lost NCAA Tournament First Round
1972-73Frank McGuire (22-7)IndLost NCAA Tournament Regional Semifinal
1971-72Frank McGuire (24-5)Ind6Lost NCAA Tournament Regional Semifinal
1970-71Frank McGuire (23-6)ACC6Lost NCAA Tournament Regional Semifinal
1969-70Frank McGuire (25-3)ACC6
1968-69Frank McGuire (21-7)ACC13
1967-68Frank McGuire (15-7)ACC
1966-67Frank McGuire (16-7)ACC
1965-66Frank McGuire (11-13)ACC
1964-65Frank McGuire (6-17)ACC
1963-64Chuck Noe (6-6), Dwayne Morrison (4-8)ACC
1962-63Chuck Noe (9-15)ACC
1961-62Bob Stevens (15-12)ACC
1960-61Bob Stevens (9-17)ACC
1959-60Bob Stevens (10-16)ACC
1958-59Walter Hambrick (4-20)ACC
1957-58Frank Johnson (5-19)ACC
1956-57Frank Johnson (17-12)ACC
1955-56Frank Johnson (9-14)ACC
1954-55Frank Johnson (10-17)ACC
1953-54Frank Johnson (10-16)ACC
1952-53Frank Johnson (11-13)Southern
1951-52Frank Johnson (14-10)Southern
1950-51Frank Johnson (13-12)Southern
1949-50Frank Johnson (13-9)Southern
1948-49Frank Johnson (10-12)Southern
1947-48Frank Johnson (12-11)Southern
1946-47Frank Johnson (16-9)Southern
1945-46Dick Anderson (9-11)Southern
1944-45Johnnie McMillan (19-3)Southern
1943-44Henry Findlay (13-2)Southern
1942-43Frank Johnson (2-0), Rex Enright (11-6)Southern
1941-42Frank Johnson (12-9)Southern
1940-41Frank Johnson (15-9)Southern
1939-40Ted Petoskey (5-13)Southern
1938-39Ted Petoskey (5-18)Southern
1937-38Ted Petoskey (3-21)Southern
1936-37Ted Petoskey (13-7)Southern
1935-36Ted Petoskey (11-8)Southern
1934-35Rock Norman (15-9)Southern
1933-34Rock Norman (18-1)Southern
1932-33Billy Laval (17-2)Southern
1931-32Rock Norman (9-7)Southern
1930-31Rock Norman (1-17)Southern
1929-30Rock Norman (6-10)Southern
1928-29Rock Norman (8-13)Southern
1927-28Burnet Stoney (8-12)Southern
1926-27Branch Bocock (14-4)Southern
1925-26Branch Bocock (9-5)Southern
1924-25Branch Bocock (10-7)Southern
1923-24Jack Crawford (11-9)Southern
1922-23Jack Crawford (6-13)Southern
1921-22Lana Sims (7-12)Ind
1920-21Sol Metzger (7-11)Southern
1919-20Dixon Foster (7-11)Ind
1918-19Dixon Foster (4-7)Ind
1917-18Dixon Foster (8-5)Ind
1916-17Dixon Foster (7-8)Ind
1915-16Charles Farrell (4-6)Ind
1914-15L.W. Hill (2-7)Ind
1913-14John Blackburn (5-4)Ind
1912-13James Driver (2-3)Ind
1911-12James Driver (3-4)Ind
1909-10F.E. Scofield (0-1)Ind
1908-09J.H. Brown (0-3)Ind
Frank McGuire196519802831420.66611400
Frank Martin201320221711470.53800110
Frank Johnson194119581691720.49600000
Dave Odom200220081281040.55200100
Eddie Fogler199420011231170.51310200
Bill E. Foster1981198692790.53800000
George Felton1987199187620.58400100
Darrin Horn2009201260630.48810000
Rock Norman1929193557570.510
Ted Petoskey1936194037670.35600000
Bob Stevens1960196234450.4300000
Branch Bocock1925192733160.67310
Dixon Foster1917192026310.45600
Steve Newton1992199320350.36400000
Johnnie McMillan194519451930.86410000
Billy Laval193319331720.89511
Jack Crawford1923192417220.43600
Chuck Noe1963196415210.41700000
Henry Findlay194419441320.86700000
Rex Enright194319431160.64700000
Lamont Paris2023202311210.34400000
Dick Anderson194619469110.4500000
Burnet Stoney192819288120.400
Sol Metzger192119217110.38900
Lana Sims192219227120.36800
John Blackburn19141914540.55600
James Driver19121913570.41700
Charles Farrell19161916460.400
Dwayne Morrison19641964480.33300000
Walter Hambrick195919594200.16700000
L.W. Hill19151915270.22200
F.E. Scofield1910191001000
J.H. Brown1909190903000