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The Best Tennis Racket Beginners

Hey, guys thank you for trusting the Resource Nexus. If you are a beginner, and you want to play tennis, please do it. It’s never too late to start. I’ve hit with10-year-olds and 75-year-olds as a lifetime tennis player who played in college. Male or female. If you can’t afford a big investment we suggest the 1st option. That style will vibrate more but we suggest you purchase some rubber dampeners to put on the strings pictured as well. If you want a nicer starter option that is still cheap but will have a better feel go with option 2, both are very affordable under 40 dollars for option one and under 90 for option 2. Great tennis rackets for beginners. Very highly rated by previous customers as well.

First of all, it’s likely that you’re just getting started if you’re here. Here we are at tennis! It will be something you love.

The top tennis racquets available today for beginners are listed below, along with instructions on how to pick the ideal racquet for you. We’ll help you discover the ideal racquet whether you want to learn the game or are just interested in giving it a try.

Our suggestions below are based on more than 20 years of tennis playing, coaching, and racquet testing with some of the top tennis companies. Here is our list of the top 7 tennis racquets for beginners before we get into more depth about each racquet below.

The top seven tennis racquets for beginners that are currently on the market are listed below. Tennis racquets for adults are all seven of them. You’ll find thorough explanations, the relative cost (on a scale of 1-3), and the racquets’ suggested USTA rating level. Additionally, we provided lists of benefits and drawbacks along with a picture of the racquet.

WILSON Adult Recreational Tennis Rackets



Be sure to check out our Tennis articles as well. It’s a sport our top writer played in college and enjoys following to this day.

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Here is a link for vibration dampeners. If you are a beginner, you’ll probably want some.