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The Best Tennis Servers Of All Time

The Best Tennis Servers Of All Time: A Comprehensive Guide

As one of the most important shots in tennis, the serve can often be the difference between winning or losing a match. Over the years, there have been some incredible servers in the game, each with their own unique style and approach. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best tennis servers of all time.

Pete Sampras – Known for his powerful and consistent serve, Pete Sampras was one of the greatest tennis players of all time. He won 14 Grand Slam titles, including seven Wimbledon titles, and his serve was a major reason for his success. Sampras had an impressive first serve percentage of 64%, and he hit over 10,000 aces in his career.

Roger Federer – While Federer is known for his all-around game, his serve is a major weapon in his arsenal. He has an incredible ability to hit his serve in different ways, including a flat serve, a slice serve, and a kick serve. Federer has won 20 Grand Slam titles, and his serve has played a big role in many of those victories.

Goran Ivanisevic – With one of the biggest serves in the history of the game, Goran Ivanisevic was a force to be reckoned with on the court. He won the Wimbledon title in 2001, and he hit a record-breaking 213 aces in the tournament. Ivanisevic’s serve was also incredibly accurate, and he could hit it to all areas of the court.

John Isner – Standing at 6’10”, John Isner has a natural advantage when it comes to serving. He holds the record for the most aces in a single match, hitting 113 aces in his epic match against Nicolas Mahut at Wimbledon in 2010. Isner’s serve is not only powerful, but it’s also incredibly accurate, and he consistently hits his targets.

Serena Williams – While most of the players on this list are male, Serena Williams deserves a spot for her incredible serve. Williams has one of the fastest serves in the women’s game, regularly hitting speeds over 120mph. She has won 23 Grand Slam titles, and her serve has played a major role in many of those victories.

In conclusion, the serve is an essential shot in tennis, and these players have mastered it like no one else. Whether it’s the power and consistency of Sampras, the variety of Federer, the sheer force of Ivanisevic, the accuracy of Isner, or the speed of Williams, these players have set the standard for serving in the game of tennis.