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The Greatest Women Tennis Players of All Time

Open Era
Serena Williams237341983.22389
Steffi Graf2210839788.92580
Martina Navratilova1817734986.32647
Chris Evert181639889.12622
Margaret Court*119719090.32618
Monica Seles95328382.82534
Billie Jean King98411080.12564

The Greatest Women Tennis Players of All Time

Tennis, a sport that combines agility, skill, and strategy, has gifted us with some spectacular players throughout its history. While it’s challenging to rank the best among so many talented players, here are some of the greatest female tennis players of all time, their achievements, and the unique qualities they brought to the court.

Summary of the Greatest Women Tennis Players

  • Legends of the Game: A deep dive into the unparalleled achievements of tennis greats.
  • Trailblazers: Women who changed the sport forever.
  • Statistics and Records: Data that establishes their legendary status.
  • Memorable Quotes: Words that inspire and stand the test of time.

1. Legends of the Game

Martina Navratilova: With 18 Grand Slam singles titles and a record 31 major women’s doubles titles, Navratilova is undoubtedly a giant in the tennis world. Her rivalry with Chris Evert is legendary, and her advocacy for LGBT rights off the court made her a significant figure in sports history.

Serena Williams: Arguably the best player of her generation, Serena’s 23 Grand Slam titles in singles are a testament to her dominance. Her powerful style of play and fierce competitiveness have made her an icon not just in tennis, but across all sports.

Steffi Graf: Graf holds the record for the most Grand Slam singles titles won in the Open Era. What sets her apart is the “Golden Slam,” winning all four major tournaments and an Olympic gold in a single year (1988).

Billie Jean King: Beyond her 12 Grand Slam singles titles, King’s impact off the court, especially her advocacy for gender equality in sports, is immeasurable.

2. Trailblazers

Althea Gibson: As the first African-American to win a Grand Slam title, Gibson’s impact transcends her sport. She broke barriers and paved the way for generations to come.

Monica Seles: A nine-time Grand Slam champion, Seles was a dominant force in the early ’90s. Her unique double-handed style and incredible resilience following an on-court stabbing make her story all the more inspirational.

3. Statistics and Records

PlayerGrand Slam Singles TitlesWeeks as World No.1
Martina Navratilova18332
Serena Williams23319
Steffi Graf22377
Billie Jean King12N/A
Althea Gibson5N/A
Monica Seles9178

4. Memorable Quotes

“I wanted to use sports for social change.” — Billie Jean King


Q: Who holds the record for the most Grand Slam singles titles in women’s tennis? A: Margaret Court holds the record with 24 Grand Slam singles titles, though 13 of these were won before the Open Era. In the Open Era, Serena Williams holds the record with 23 titles.

Q: Which female tennis player completed the “Golden Slam”? A: Steffi Graf achieved the “Golden Slam” by winning all four Grand Slam tournaments and an Olympic gold medal in the same calendar year, 1988.

Q: Who was the first African-American woman to win a Grand Slam title? A: Althea Gibson broke racial barriers in tennis, becoming the first African-American woman to win a Grand Slam title at the French Championships in 1956.

Q: Why is Billie Jean King considered a trailblazer off the tennis court? A: Beyond her significant achievements in tennis, Billie Jean King is also known for her advocacy for gender equality in sports, most notably her win against Bobby Riggs in the “Battle of the Sexes” match and her role in founding the Women’s Tennis Association.

Q: What unique challenge did Monica Seles face in her career? A: Monica Seles was tragically stabbed on-court by a spectator in 1993. This incident took her out of the sport for two years, but she made a commendable comeback, highlighting her resilience and dedication.


The world of women’s tennis has seen exceptional talents, record-breakers, and trailblazers. These athletes’ prowess on the court combined with their significant contributions to society makes their stories not just about sports, but about resilience, empowerment, and progress.

Source: Wikipedia

-By Scott Jones