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What is a Field Goal in Basketball?

If you’re new to basketball, you may have heard the term “field goal” thrown around without knowing exactly what it means. In basketball, a field goal refers to any shot attempted during play that is not a free throw. This can include shots taken from various locations on the court, including inside or outside the three-point line.

A field goal can be made in a variety of ways, including layups, dunks, and jump shots. However, the most common type of field goal is a two-point shot, which is made when the ball is thrown through the hoop without touching the rim. If the ball hits the rim and then goes through the hoop, it is still considered a field goal, but only worth one point.

Another type of field goal that is less common but still important to know is the three-point shot. This shot is taken from beyond the three-point line, which is 22 feet away from the hoop in the NBA and 23.75 feet away in college basketball. If a player successfully makes a shot from beyond the three-point line, they are awarded three points.

In addition to understanding what a field goal is, it’s important to know how it fits into the overall strategy of basketball. Coaches often design plays and set up their players in specific positions to increase the likelihood of making a field goal. Teams also need to be aware of the shot clock, which limits the amount of time they have to attempt a field goal before turning the ball over to the other team.

Overall, a field goal is a crucial aspect of basketball and understanding its different types and how it fits into the game can help you appreciate the sport even more. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or just getting started, knowing what a field goal is and how it works is an important step towards understanding the game of basketball.