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NIT Bracketology

Exam week is here, lets take a look at our first NIT projections of the year.

1St. John’sBE5-2
2Kansas St.B126-2
3Washington St.P126-1
3Saint Mary’sWCC3-5
4Seton HallBE5-2
5Utah St.MWC7-1
5Virginia TechACC6-3
5Indiana St.MVC7-1
6N.C. StateACC5-2
6San FranciscoWCC5-3
7Wake ForestACC4-3
7Boise St.MWC4-3
8Arizona St.P125-2

The Intricacies of the NIT Bracket: A Deep Dive

When it comes to the world of college basketball, many fans turn their eyes to the famed NCAA Tournament. However, seasoned fans know the significance and thrill of the NIT (National Invitation Tournament) bracket. With eligibility restrictions applying to certain teams and fans needing to be physically present at games, the NIT is an entirely different beast.

Understanding the NIT

The NIT, in its essence, provides a stage for teams that, for various reasons, couldn’t make the NCAA cut but have shown remarkable prowess during the season. Teams like Alcorn State and Toledo have often found themselves in the limelight here.

Decoding the Selection Criteria

Who’s In and Who’s Out?

Eligibility to participate in the NIT isn’t as straightforward as one might think. While there are eligibility restrictions to consider, teams like Washington State and Clemson have often won their spots fair and square. Yet, sometimes, teams that had a slightly better season, like Rutgers or Oregon, find themselves in the NIT bracket due to the intricate selection process.

Location Restrictions

Certain games only allow spectators from select parishes. So, even if your team made it, you might find yourself watching from a resort or a friend’s place if you’re not in the designated area. And remember, some offers are void in states like MA, AZ, WV, NH, WY, and even ONT in Canada.

Diving into the Bracket Layout

The Four Quadrants

The NIT bracket is divided into four main sections:

  1. Top Left Bracket: Historically, teams like New Mexico have made memorable runs here.
  2. Bottom Left Bracket: Teams like Cincinnati and UAB often find themselves competing fiercely in this quarter.
  3. Top Right Bracket: The likes of Washington State have often graced this part of the bracket.
  4. Bottom Right Bracket: This section has seen teams like Oregon and Rutgers battling it out in recent times.

Every time a team wins, they move closer to the coveted title, and with each win, their share of recognition and pride increases.

Fan Participation and More

The Role of Fans

Even if you can’t be there because you’re not physically present, fans have found ways to support their teams. Whether it’s hosting watch parties in places like Mar Vista or rallying on their team’s behalf on social media, the excitement is always palpable.

Understanding the Fine Print

It’s always essential to read the terms before buying tickets or participating in related events. Sometimes, things that look too good to be true have strings attached. And while the allure of seeing your team win makes the heart race, always ensure you’re fully aware of all conditions.

In Conclusion: The Ever-Evolving NIT Journey

Whether you’re rooting for an underdog like Alcorn State or the season’s sensation like Clemson, the NIT bracket promises excitement, twists, and turns. From the teams battling it out on the court to fans cheering from the resort bars of NH to the streets of WY, the tournament is a testament to the passion and love for college basketball.

Remember, while the journey through the bracket can be unpredictable and thrilling, always ensure that you’re well-informed and present, be it physically or in spirit, to cheer on your favorite team.

[This article is meant for informational purposes. Eligibility restrictions apply for certain promotions and offers. Always ensure you’re in the know before making any decisions related to the NIT bracket.]

nit tournament 2023

This is our NIT bracketology for NIT bracket 2023 the NIT tournament 2023

Be sure to check out our Transfer Portal Rankings over the next month. We will continue to update this list as the portal heats up.

The NCAA tournament certainly captures the headlines in college basketball, but the National Invitation Tournament provides an opportunity for teams not in the field of 68 to showcase their skills and compete for a championship. The NIT features 32 teams split into four regions, who then compete for the tournament title. This year, the NIT bracket is set with action set to get underway on Tuesday, March 17th.

The First Four matchups are set as North Texas travels to Utah Valley, Oklahoma State hosts Seton Hall, and two Big Ten teams battle it out for the right to advance. With four automatic bids and 28 at-large selections, the eight-team pods feature teams from traditional powers to mid-majors and smaller conference programs. This year’s NIT Bracket is highlighted by last year’s conference tournament champions, 8th-seeded Miami (FL) and 15th-seeded UAB, who both qualified for the tournament.

Each team will advance to the quarterfinals, where the games will be played at one of four campus sites. The winners of these four quarterfinal games will advance to the semifinals at the historic Madison Square Garden in New York, the ?Mecca of Basketball.? The championship game of the 2023 NIT will be held at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas.

The NIT provides a great opportunity for teams that don’t make the NCAA tournament to compete for a national championship. With teams such as Oklahoma State, Seton Hall, North Texas, and Utah Valley vying for the NIT title, fans can expect a competitive and high-level tournament from one of the most historic venues in college basketball, the Madison Square Garden. So be sure to check out the 2023 NIT bracket and tune in for March Madness right around the corner!

As the NCAA basketball tournament enters its final stretch, the NIT is about to begin. Fans of March Madness will have the chance to watch some of the best teams in college basketball fight to win the tournament and the coveted bid to the Big Dance.

The NIT has 64 teams participating, and the first three rounds will begin on March 14th with Eastern Washington versus Youngstown State. Morehead State and Virginia Tech will face off that same day. Each of the eight regions will have its own tournament, and eventually, the four semifinalists will advance to the championship on March 28th.

The NIT has compiled the top tier teams from all over the country, from Southern Miss in the South to UC Irvine in the Far West. There?s even a team from up north, in Santa Clara, who will all be vying for championship glory.

In addition to those teams, the NIT has also invited some of the best teams from all over the nation, including Sam Houston from Texas, who earned an at-large bid. With so many great teams participating, fans are sure to be excited for the tournament and the second round games.

If you?re a fan of NCAA basketball, make sure to tune in to the NIT. Even if your team isn?t playing, the other teams in the tournament have earned their spot. The NIT will begin on March 14th and reach its final championship game on March 28th, so don?t miss out on the chance to see the best teams battle it out to prove that they have what it takes to be the best team and earn a bid to the NCAA tournament.

The 2023 National Invitation Tournament, or NIT, is shaping up to be an exciting basketball tournament. The NIT is taking place this year in several different cities across the nation. The tournament begins with the first round of action on March 14, followed by the second round on March 28. The semifinals will take place on March 30 and the championship game will be held on April 1 at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The NIT bracket has been released for the 2023 tournament, showing all potential matchups and the host sites for each game. The first round of play will take place at campus sites, with North Texas hosting Oklahoma State, Eastern Washington hosting Utah Valley, and Youngstown State hosting Morehead State. In the second round, Virginia Tech will host Southern Miss, while Santa Clara will host Sam Houston for a sidebar nit bracket. North Texas along with Utah Valley are teams to watch as well. North Texas is a team that deserved to have better news on a Sunday March. They will be one of the campus sites in the first round March 14 round and should have a strong chance at the Semifinals March 28 if they can make it past March 14

The full schedule for the 2023 NIT tournament is available online, and the complete bracket can be downloaded from the tournament website. Fans of college basketball will be sure to enjoy watching all the action of the tournament, as teams vie for the championship title. Be sure to check out the NIT bracket and the full tournament schedule, and cheer on your favorite teams this March.

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