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NBA Player Rankings

Nikola Jokic is averaging 30ppg, 13rpg, 10 assists in only 38 minutes with a 33 PER in the playoffs, while leading his team to the finals. I think you know where we are going with this.

1Nikola JokićDEN
2Joel EmbiidPHI
3Giannis AntetokounmpoMIL
4Jimmy ButlerMIA
5Anthony DavisLAL
6Luka DončićDAL
7Stephen CurryGSW
8Kevin DurantPHO
9Shai Gilgeous-AlexanderOKC
10LeBron JamesLAL
11Damian LillardPOR
12Jayson TatumBOS
13Kawhi LeonardLAC
14Devin BookerPHO
15De’Aaron FoxSAC
16Tyrese HaliburtonIND
17Jalen BrunsonNYK
18Domantas SabonisSAC
19Ja MorantMEM
20Trae YoungATL
21Jaren Jackson Jr.MEM
22James HardenPHI
23Kristaps PorziņģisWAS
24Donovan MitchellCLE
25Kyrie IrvingDAL

Nikola Jokic

Jokic in our opinion has clearly emerged as the best player in the world. Fresh off of 2 MVP awards he was clearly the best player on the court by all metics this seasons. He’s carried those impact stats into the playoffs where he leads all players there as well. Much as been overstated about his lack of defense, most models grade him as a solid defender, but when he’s so dominate offensively does it even matter.

Joel Embiid

Embiid got his MVP award, but this wasn’t the playoffs he envisioned. He can fall back some on the injury, but even if he was healthy I believe the fate would have been similar. Unlike Jokic he’s far more dependent on others to get him the ball.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

No players reputation took a bigger hit this season than Giannis. Injuries played a factor but to be honest he took a large step back in the regular season. For a player that relies so much on athleticism, this isn’t unexpected as he’s now into his late 20’s.

Jimmy Butler

This last season was the best statistically efficient season in Butler’s career. At the age of 33 years old that’s pretty wild, but it is true. He’s become a master of the pump fake and footwork in the last 2 playoffs and regular season sandwiching them, and is at hte peak of his powers. He was 6th in PER this season, 3rd in BPM, and 4th in VORP. After this playoff run he honestly may have a case for being the 2nd best player on the planet right now. He’s really been that good.

Anthony Davis

Davis is one of the few members of the 30 PER club ever, and achieved it multiple times. He’s back close to that level again and making an impact on both ends of the court.

Luka Dončić

Doncic is capable of magical games but he doesn’t try hard enough on defense to crack the top 5 right now.

Stephen Curry

The Warriors lost but it wasn’t because of Steph Curry. Even at the age of 35 years old he is maintaining his status as one of the best players in the league.

Kevin Durant

Durant wasn’t really put in a situation to succeed in Phoenix, but he didn’t have a good playoffs and is showing more signs of slippage. The durability is what it is at this point as well which leads to the lack of chemistry with his Suns teamates.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

SGA was special this season. He has a case to be higher on this list honestly. You can’t control your teammates only what you do and he was spectacular.

LeBron James

LeBron could have been a little higher if he avoided injury. He was rolling prior, and even though he returned and played well he never seemed quite 100%. That comes with being 38 years old and should be expected at this point. It’s still pretty incredible he was able to play at the level he did.

Damian Lillard

Another guy who can’t control his teammates. He was awesome this year, and had some of the biggest individual games of the last 40 years. Unfortunately many of the games had little to no stakes. It’s hard to fully reward him.

Jayson Tatum

Tatum is very good, but he’s not quite at the elite of the elite superstar level yet.

Regular Season Stats

1Nikola Jokić27DEN69232331.50.70114.90.308138.8
2Joel Embiid28PHI66228431.40.65512.30.2599.26.4
3Giannis Antetokounmpo28MIL632024290.6058.60.2048.55.4
4Luka Dončić23DAL66239128.70.60910.20.20496.6
5Anthony Davis29LAL56190427.80.62790.2266.34
6Jimmy Butler33MIA64213827.60.64712.30.2778.75.8
7Shai Gilgeous-Alexander24OKC68241627.20.62611.40.2267.35.6
8Damian Lillard32POR58210726.70.64590.2057.14.9
9Kevin Durant34TOT47167225.90.6776.80.1947.13.9
10Stephen Curry34GSW56194124.10.6567.80.1927.64.7
11Kawhi Leonard31LAC52174823.90.6237.10.1946.13.5
12LeBron James38LAL55195423.90.5835.60.1386.14
13Jayson Tatum24BOS74273223.70.60710.50.1855.55.1
14Tyrese Haliburton22IND56188323.60.6247.60.1957.24.4
15Domantas Sabonis26SAC79273623.50.66812.60.2215.85.4
16Ja Morant23MEM61194823.30.55760.1485.73.8
17Kristaps Porziņģis27WAS65212023.10.6277.70.1744.33.4
18Donovan Mitchell26CLE68243222.90.6148.90.1766.35
19Kyrie Irving30TOT60224122.40.6137.40.1594.13.4
20Lauri Markkanen25UTA66227322.10.648.20.1733.83.3
21Devin Booker26PHO531835220.60160.1574.22.9
22Trae Young24ATL732541220.5736.70.1263.33.4
23De’Aaron Fox25SAC73243521.80.5997.40.1462.52.7
24Jaren Jackson Jr.23MEM63178721.60.6136.60.1772.82.2
25James Harden33PHI58213521.60.6078.40.1885.44
26Jalen Brunson26NYK68237921.20.5978.70.1753.93.5
27Nic Claxton23BRK76227120.80.6919.20.1953.12.9
28DeMar DeRozan33CHI74268220.60.5928.50.15322.6
29Julius Randle28NYK77273720.30.5818.10.1423.73.9
30Pascal Siakam28TOR71265220.30.5657.80.1413.13.5
31Bam Adebayo25MIA75259820.10.5927.40.1371.52.3
32Myles Turner26IND621825200.6515.40.1422.11.9
33Jarrett Allen24CLE68222019.90.679.50.2052.42.4
34Deandre Ayton24PHO67203519.90.6176.20.1470.91.5
35Alperen Şengün20HOU75217119.70.5995.20.1151.41.9
36Bradley Beal29WAS50167319.70.5933.40.0991.81.6
37Paul George32LAC56193919.60.5884.60.1142.82.3
38Aaron Gordon27DEN68205519.50.6176.80.1582.12.1
39Jrue Holiday32MIL67218319.20.5866.70.1483.12.8
40Brandon Ingram25NOP45153819.20.5823.50.1081.71.5
41Desmond Bane24MEM58184119.10.6065.80.1513.52.5
42Nikola Vučević32CHI82274619.10.5948.30.1452.73.2
43Jaylen Brown26BOS67240519.10.58150.11.32
44Zach LaVine27CHI772768190.6077.10.1231.92.7
45Rudy Gobert30MIN70214818.90.6757.80.1740.71.4
46Darius Garland23CLE69244718.80.5877.60.1482.42.7
47Brook Lopez34MIL78237318.40.6380.1612.12.5
48Jamal Murray25DEN652133180.5715.10.1161.31.8
49Evan Mobley21CLE79271517.90.5918.50.1511.72.5
50Chris Paul37PHO59188917.70.5556.20.1563.22.5
51Bojan Bogdanović33DET59189317.40.6273.
52Anthony Edwards21MIN79284217.40.5643.80.06412.1
53Wendell Carter Jr.23ORL57169017.30.6214.60.1311.3
54Josh Giddey20OKC76236717.10.53340.0811.11.9
55Tyrese Maxey22PHI602016170.6055.40.1280.71.3
56Dejounte Murray26ATL742693170.544.70.08412.1
57Fred VanVleet28TOR692535170.546.50.1232.52.9
58Michael Porter Jr.24DEN62179816.80.6214.30.1160.21
59Mikal Bridges26TOT83296316.80.5877.50.1211.72.8
60Immanuel Quickley23NYK81234416.30.5786.70.1371.72.1

Playoff Stats

Nikola JokicDEN0.6238.51.4129.5109.719.840933.5
Kawhi LeonardLAC0.672.61.6133.4118.814.648.630.6
Devin BookerPHX0.6864.61.5132.2119.712.5264.430
Jimmy ButlerMIA0.6024.11.4124.5108.815.7283.928.7
Anthony EdwardsMIN0.6024.91.4122.3115.37.1107.927.8
Anthony DavisLAL0.603-1.11.4118.1101.516.6345.325.4
Jamal MurrayDEN0.5945.11.3122111.910.1271.324.4
Jalen BrunsonNYK0.5894.51.3125.1110.814.3193.824
Jayson TatumBOS0.5851.61.3117.71125.733723.8
LeBron JamesLAL0.5734.31.3114.9108.86.1309.922.6
Kevin DurantPHX0.5990.41.4115.8118.3-2.5220.322.2
Stephen CurryGSW0.5882.11.3114.6114.20.4232.521.5
Trae YoungATL0.5217.11.2110.4121.1-10.7110.421.4
Joel EmbiidPHI0.561-6.11.4105.8109.2-3.5143.321.1
Dejounte MurrayATL0.5386.51.1116.7119.9-
De’Aaron FoxSAC0.5242.91.2108.6112.6-4117.919.7
James HardenPHI0.5386.51.2111.4112.2-0.8183.619.4
Khris MiddletonMIL0.62.11.4116.6121-4.478.519.2
Ja MorantMEM0.5243.41.2106.3112.4-683.319
Giannis AntetokounmpoMIL0.525-3.51.399.3115.9-16.545.918.9
Nicolas ClaxtonBRK0.7140.91.7134.1110.823.451.818.8
Rudy GobertMIN0.648-0.81.6127.4116.810.677.618.5
Brook LopezMIL0.653-3.71.4119.41163.473.418.5
Bam AdebayoMIA0.5591.3111.8109.91.9201.818.3
Tyrese MaxeyPHI0.552.21.2116.2114.51.7136.417.6
Clint CapelaATL0.615-1.31.3126.7118.18.66616.7
Domantas SabonisSAC0.517-1.61.2103.9110.6-6.6104.816.7
Jaylen BrownBOS0.583-2.81.3107.3116.9-9.6198.116.6
Mikal BridgesBRK0.5391.91.2104.3117.4-13.253.416.5
Michael Porter, Jr.DEN0.6062.51.3126.9111.415.5183.616.5
Donovan MitchellCLE0.5182.61.1101.8108.8-773.816.2
Draymond GreenGSW0.5357.41.2115.1109.95.2160.415.4
Chris PaulPHX0.46911.21113116.3-3.298.815.2
Jaren Jackson, Jr.MEM0.546-5.51.3104.6109.6-5.169.514.7
Deandre AytonPHX0.553-3.31.2108.9117.4-8.5110.614.7
Jarrett AllenCLE0.6082.81.3132.2111.121.162.314.2
Darius GarlandCLE0.566-0.81.3104112.5-8.547.914.1
Desmond BaneMEM0.548-1.91.2106114.5-8.567.413.9
Jrue HolidayMIL0.4917.51107.6119.3-11.775.113.9

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