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2025 NBA Mock Draft

Bryson Tucker is 1.3 years younger than both Ian Jackson and Nassir (Naas) Cunningham. He also outplayed Jackson when they were teammates on Team USA U16. Given the age, size, and polished game on video, I’d go with him at this point. Jackson is probably the most explosive athlete in the class, but Booker has more time to grow physically and get better. Flory Bidunga outplayed Xavier Booker in June, who is widely regarded as the best prospect in the 2024 draft, scoring 27 points and 10 rebounds vs Bookers 17 and 9. I don’t think he is as good of a prospect, but it is noteworthy. Killian Malwaya appears to be the top European Prospect, averaging 13.4ppg 3.8rpg in the World Cup this summer.

1Bryson Tucker6’7″180Undecided
2Ian Jackson6’6″170Undecided
3Naasir Cunningham6’7″175Undecided
4Flory Bidunga6’9″220Undecided
5Killian Malwaya6-6″180France
6Tre Johnson6’6″180Undecided
7Vyctorius Miller6’6″180Undecided
8Isaiah Elohim6’5″200Undecided
9Airious Bailey6’8″200Undecided
10Karter Knox6’6″200Undecided
11Jason Asemota6’9″210Undecided
12Trentyn Flowers6’8″190Undecided
13Jayden Williams6’9″200Undecided
14Ousmane Ndiaye6-11″210Senegal
15Johnuel “Boogie” Fland6’3″155Undecided
16Elliot Cadeau6’2″170Undecided
17Derik Queen6’8″245Undecided
18John Bol7’2″200Undecided
19Nikola Djurisic6-8″210Serbia
20Mikey Williams6-2″175Undecided
21Andrej Stojakovic6-6″185Undecided
22Jared McCain6-2″175Duke
23Henri Veesar6-11″207Estonia
24Layden Blocker6-2″175Arkansas
25Hugo Gonzalez6’6″200Spain
26Miro Little6-4″185Baylor
27Freddie Dilione6-4″185Tennesse
28Stephon Castle6-6″205UConn
29Sidy Cissoko6-6″195France
30Rayan Rupert6-6″180France