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2025 NBA Mock Draft

We predicted a year ago that you could see Cooper Flagg reclassify or simply enter this draft where he would be the clear number one pick. We thought he should and that would be our long term prediction. He did just that in August 2023.

Our previous scout……..Cooper Flagg not only made the U17 Team USA World Cup team at 15 years old, he was a big time contributor averaging 9.3ppg, 10.0rpg, 1.9apg, 2.4spg, 2.9bpg in only 19.3 minutes a game over 7 games. He wasn’t efficient only shooting 41% from the floor, but he found ways to do many positive things on the court. It will be interesting to see if he reclassifies and tries to move up to the 2025 draft, as his birthday is in December. He seems to be well ahead of schedule and recently dropped 52 points in an AAU game. By not reclassifying he is giving up millions.

The rest of this class looks down but we like Bryson Tucker who is younger than both Ian Jackson and Nassir Cunningham. He also outplayed Jackson when they were teammates on Team USA U16. Given the age, size, and polished game high pick. Jackson is probably the most explosive athlete in the class but Tucker has more time to grow physically and get better. Flory Bidunga outplayed Xavier Booker in June, who is regarded as one of the best prospects in the 2024 draft as well, scoring 27 points and 10 rebounds vs Bookers 17 and 9. I don’t think he is as good of a prospect as Booker, but it is noteworthy. Killian Malwaya appears to be one of the top European Prospect, averaging 13.4ppg 3.8rpg in the World Cup and Hugo Gonzalez and Tre Johnson have moved up our boards more recently. Gonzalez for seeing the court for Real Madrid.

1Cooper Flagg6’8195Undecided
2Bryson Tucker6’7180Undecided
3Tre Johnson6’6180Undecided
4Flory Bidunga6’10220Undecided
5Hugo Gonzalez6’6200Spain
6Airious Bailey6’8200Rutgers
7Egor Demin6’8190Russia
8Liam McNeeley6’7190Undecided
9Ian Jackson6’6170UNC
10Dylan Harper6’5180Undecided
11Killian Malwaya6’6180France
12Carter Bryant6’8225Arizona
13Naasir Cunningham6’7175Undecided
14Vyctorius Miller6’6180Undecided
15Isaiah Evans6’7180Duke
16Karter Knox6’6200Undecided
17Jason Asemota6’9210Undecided
18Trentyn Flowers6’8190Undecided
19Dame Sarr6’6200Spain
20VJ Edgecombe6’7205Undecided
21Jayden Williams6’9200Undecided
22Bassala Bagayoka6’10205Mali
23Boogie Fland6’3155Undecided
24Derik Queen6’8245Undecided
25John Bol7’2200Undecided
26Drake Powell6-5175UNC
27Jahki Howard6-6185OTE
28Dink Pate6’7185GLeague
29Stephon Castle6’6205UConn
30Nikola Djurisic6’8210Serbia

The NBA draft has always been a nexus of dreams for young players, with this year’s 2025 NBA draft promising to be no exception. With talent pouring in from high school basketball courts, elite training programs, and international stints, NBA scouts have their work cut out for them in distinguishing the next big star.

Ron Holland, having graduated high school from Prolific Prep, has quickly made a name for himself in the G League. His stints with the League Ignite have showcased his star power. Not only did he win MVP honors, but his defensive end prowess, combined with his exceptional offensive game, has left many awed. Holland’s shot creation ability in the half court, particularly when working off the free throw line, has had many reminiscing about basketball greats of the past.

Then there’s Cameron Boozer from the Montverde Academy. As a top prospect, Boozer combines physical tools with a quickly developing skill set. His strong frame has been a key part of his success, helping him to dominate the defensive end. NBA insiders suggest that his time with USA Basketball, where he was a vital component of the team that clinched the gold medal, has honed his shot maker capabilities further.

Link Academy has given the draft another gem in Justin Edwards. Having garnered MVP honors post-graduating high school, his transition to the G League Ignite was watched closely. Edwards did not disappoint. His star power was evident as he showcased a highly polished offensive game and an innate ability to command the half court.

But it’s not all about the players emerging from academies. College basketball continues to produce noteworthy talents. Cameron Boozer from Michigan State and Ron Holland from Iowa State are names that come with a buzz, each bringing unique strengths to the table.

Another noteworthy name is that of the League Ignite’s star, who has not only displayed commendable skills but has also been a prominent figure on the USA Basketball scene. Winning gold medals and earning accolades like MVP honors, this player’s journey from high school basketball, specifically from Prolific Prep and Montverde Academy, to the very cusp of the NBA draft, has been nothing short of inspirational.

In conclusion, the 2025 NBA draft is laden with talent, potential, and the promise of shaping the future of the league. As teams prepare their strategies and fans await the arrival of new talent, one thing is certain: the future of the NBA shines brightly with the incoming wave of players.