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Beautiful Green Shirt, Do You Have A Green Jacket?

This is a pretty amazing takedown of Brooks Koepka in a savage moment by Phil.

I would say LIV Golf is like professional wrestling, but this seemed more real as flustered as Brooks was. I’ve seen a longer clip and Phil riled him up by talking about beating him at the PGA in 2021 first when he didn’t pick him, but Brook’s comeback was about as weak as they come. It’s also completely intellectually dishonest. Yes it is true Phil was never #1 in the world but only because he played in an era where the greatest golfer to ever live existed in Tiger Woods at the top of his game. He finished #2 in the world 4 times to him as Koepka or basically anyone else other than Vijay Singh on a heater would. Phil didn’t even try to explain that bit of reality, he just simply looks at his green shirt and asked him if he has a green jacket in one of the most savage comebacks I’ve heard after Brooks asked him about being #1. Brooks saying he will get one of those also not great odds at this point. LIV’s team format is spicing things up.

A little longer clip zoomed in.

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