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D2 Transfers

D2 Transfers to D1
Isaiah Moore5-11, 16322.6ppg, 5.4apg (D2 AA)Franklin PierceSouth Alabama
Phillip Alston6-6, 22521.0ppg, 10.8rpg (D2)CUPLoyola Chicago
Jamari Smith6-8, 22017.6ppg, 7.1rpg (D2)QueensMurray State
Quincy Anderson6-4, 20017.8ppg, 6.4rpg (D2)Minn StateMurray State
Ante Brzovic6-9, 23017.8ppg, 11.0rpg (D2)SEOUC of Charleston
Owen White6-6, 21517.6ppg, 5.9rpg (D2 AA)Michigan TechSouth Alabama
Pat Robinson6-3, 18520.3ppg 4.6rpg (D2)West LibertyC of Charleston
Cade McKnight6-9, 22518ppg 5.4rpg(D2 AA)Truman StIndiana State
Trenton Gibson6-4, 20017.2ppg, 5.0apg (D2)TusclumIndiana State
Bernard Pelote6-8, 20514.5ppg, 7.7rpg(D2)CatwabaWestern Carolina
Patrick Cartier6-8, 25022ppg 6rpg (D2 AA)Hillsdale
Masen Miller6-2, 18014.1ppg, 3.0apg (D2)Truman StIndiana State
Armoni Foster6-4, 17017.8ppg 6.5apg 5rpg (D2 AA)IUP
Sekou Sylla6-5, 20022ppg 10.4rpg (D2 AA)Nova SoutheasternTowson
Caleb Robinson6-5, 20018.4ppg, 6.6rpgCatwaba
Elijah Ormiston6-8, 21016.9ppg, 6.3rpg(D2)CSPSouth Alabama
Nick Edwards6-1, 17017ppg 6rpg 8apgGlennville StateValpo
Quinton Green6-7, 18013ppg 4rpgCedervilleValpo
Erwin Weary Jr.6-5, 20011.3ppg, 2.7rpgWestern Wash
Colton Lawrence6-3, 20016ppg 44% 3’sBentlyUMBC
Aamer Muhammad6-1, 19015ppg, 5rpgLubbick ChristianTroy
Crosby JAmes6-0, 18518ppg 42% 3’sAndersonPresbyterian
Brock Mackenzie6-2, 18515ppgoint Loma NazareneIdaho St
Zach Wrightsil6-7, 20018.7ppg, 8.8rpg, 3.6apg (NAIA POY)Loyola -New OrleansMarquette
Miles Burns6-6, 21015.3ppg, 8.8rpg, 3.0spg (NAIA)Loyola -New OrleansOle Miss