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Dusty May and Florida State

Let me first same I’m pleasantly surprised that Florida Atlantic has had no defections since their run to the Final Four. The longer this goes the less likely it becomes they will return. As a college basketball fan, that is what I’m pulling for. I would like to see their team brought back intact and see if they could make another run at the national championship.

I’m also surprised that Syracuse has moved on from Jim Boeheim, but Florida State has retained Leonard Hamilton. After all Florida State essentially did the same thing to Bobby Bowden that Syracuse did to Boeheim. If there was any coach on the hot seat and potential job opening that could interest Dusty May, Florida State seemed like a threat to FAU to me. It would make a lot of sense for both parties.

Perhaps the tires were kicked in the back channels and May has no interest or has more interest in trying to run it back. If he were to run it back and have the success he most certainly would be in line for the higher-level job than Florida State. Florida State is a good program though and one that he could win at in my opinion. He has already had success at Florida as an assistant and FAU. He was also an assistant at UAB and La Tech in the gulf coast region as well. It should be a perfect fit.

I do admire the loyalty Florida State is showing Leonard Hamilton. Florida State just had it’s the worst season in 21 years with Hamilton at the helm. They were 9-23 #221 NET ranking. This was on the heels of a down 17-14 #104 NET ranking. It would be hard for almost any P6 coach to keep their job with results like that. Hamilton is 74 years old and will start next season certainly on the hot seat. The warmest seat in college basketball I believe.

You don’t want to see anyone as accomplished as Hamilton go out like this, but if he can’t get a substantial turnaround then this is certainly a job where their will likely be interest between May and FSU. Hamilton has a year it seems like at this point to try to have success and go out on his own terms similar to Roy Williams after his worst year ever, or even Coach K after one of his. It’s nice FSU is giving him a chance but to me it also seems a little self-serving if May is staying at FAU next season to kick the can down the road as well. I believe both can be true.

Hopefully, Hamilton will get it turned around and retire on his terms. Dusty May gets to play this FAU situation out to closer to its completion, but this is the job I would predict he ends up in eventually. That or driving 45 minutes over to Miami when Jim Larranaga hangs them up. He could follow up next season with more big results. Then all the blue bloods and big dogs will be coming. We are looking at you Louisville too. The longterm job he probably wants is to restore Indiana to blue blood status as an Indiana alum after Mike Woodson.

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