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Jokic’s 40 Point 27 Rebound Triple Double Wasn’t Even His Best Game of The Week

A lot has been made of Jokic’s 40 point, 27 rebound, 10 assist triple-double (in 39 minutes) historically. Rightfully so I suppose when Wilt Chamberlain and Elgin Baylor are the only other two people to have a game like this. Wilt did it four times and Baylor once, with the most recent one happening 54 years ago. There have been two others that have come close in the last 50 years. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had a 44-point, 20-rebound, 11-assist game on Feb. 26, 1972 and DeMarcus Cousins had 44 points, 23 rebounds and 10 assists on Jan. 22, 2018.

What is remarkable to me is that it’s not even his best game this week. Four days earlier Jokic’s scored 43 points, 14 rebounds, 8 assists, 5 steals on 20 floor shots (17-20 FG’s, 9-10 FT’s) in 33 minutes had a higher game score on basketball reference. It just goes to show you how triple-doubles are hyped, but they overlook a lot of efficiencies and other value. Really what is the difference in having 8 assists as opposed to 10 assist. Not that much. Give me the game where he scores 43 points and shoots 85% on 20-floor shots for my money. That’s even with 8 turnovers it was still a better game even if it is fun anytime you get to do something in modern basketball not done since the 1960s. Only previously done by pretty much only by Wilt Chamberlin as well.

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These are his two highest-rated games ever by game score

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Here are the highest regular season game scores since 1983

Regular season
1Michael Jordan64.61990-03-28CHI
2Kobe Bryant63.52006-01-22LAL
3Karl Malone60.21990-01-27UTA
4James Harden56.62018-01-30HOU
5Michael Jordan54.71988-04-03CHI
6Devin Booker54.52017-03-24PHO
7Joel Embiid54.42022-11-13PHI
8Kevin McHale54.31985-03-03BOS
9Anthony Davis53.92016-02-21NOP
10Kyrie Irving53.82022-03-15BRK
11LeBron James53.22017-11-03CLE
12James Harden52.42019-11-30HOU
13James Harden52.22019-02-28HOU
14David Robinson51.81994-04-24SAS
15Trae Young51.62022-01-03ATL
Dominique Wilkins51.61986-12-10ATL
17Jimmy Butler51.52017-01-02CHI
18Michael Jordan51.21989-11-03CHI
Michael Jordan51.21987-02-26CHI
20Kobe Bryant50.92007-03-16LAL
21Joel Embiid50.82021-02-19PHI
22Carmelo Anthony50.62014-01-24NYK
23Damian Lillard50.52020-08-11POR
24Giannis Antetokounmpo50.42019-03-17MIL
Reggie Miller50.41992-11-28IND
1Damian Lillard55.92021-06-01POR
2Charles Barkley52.61994-05-04PHO
3Kevin Durant50.42021-06-15BRK
4Michael Jordan49.81992-04-29CHI
5Sleepy Floyd49.11987-05-10GSW
6Hakeem Olajuwon48.61987-05-14HOU
7Michael Jordan47.21986-04-20CHI
8Charles Barkley47.11993-06-01PHO
9Vince Carter46.82001-05-11TOR
10Dirk Nowitzki46.52011-05-17DAL
11Patrick Ewing46.41990-05-04NYK
12Jimmy Butler45.92022-05-27MIA
13Allen Iverson45.32001-05-16PHI
14Jamal Murray45.22020-08-23DEN
15Donovan Mitchell45.12020-08-17UTA
Terry Porter45.11992-05-19POR
17Charles Barkley451993-06-05PHO
18LeBron James44.72009-05-20CLE
19Allen Iverson44.62003-04-20PHI
20LeBron James43.82009-05-09CLE
21Kobe Bryant43.62008-04-23LAL
22Kobe Bryant43.32001-05-13LAL
23Jimmy Butler43.22022-05-17MIA
24Michael Jordan42.81997-04-27CHI
Michael Jordan42.81989-05-27CHI
26LeBron James42.52016-06-16CLE

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