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Ranking the Top 30 Final Four Players By ADJeff

Adjusted Effiency(ADJeff) is efficiency adjusted for strength of schedule. I’ve also include each players minutes, player efficiency ratings and true shooting. We listed all the players from each team that have played 500+ minutes on the season.

1Adama SanogoUConn5.998029.510.50.643
2Norchad OmierUM4.9103226.46.10.62
3Jaedon LedeeSDSU4.667122.770.556
4Jordan MillerUM4.3125623.17.70.619
5Nathan MensahSDSU4.276620.46.80.568
6Jordan HawkinsUConn4.010322080.58
7Isaiah WongUM3.9120221.46.10.578
8Matt BradleySDSU3.697317.76.10.505
9Keshad JohnsonSDSU3.682117.65.60.571
10Vladislav GoldinFAU3.679525.85.30.629
11Tristen NewtonUConn3.4105716.86.70.539
12Johnell DavisFAU3.493224.68.40.606
13Aguek AropSDSU3.456016.57.20.602
14Joey CalcaterraUConn3.351916.56.80.586
15Alex KarabanUConn3.2106515.87.30.626
16Nijel PackUM3.1107516.74.60.577
17Andre JacksonUConn3.199115.27.90.507
18Wooga PoplarUM3.185416.64.30.592
19Lamont ButlerSDSU2.995114.240.508
20Alijah MartinFAU2.991820.970.567
21Darrion TrammellSDSU2.897714.14.70.48
22Micah ParrishSDSU2.880013.84.50.529
23Giancarlo RosadoFAU2.863819.850.653
24Nick BoydFAU2.587217.95.70.575
25Adam SeikoSDSU2.571212.140.662
26Bensley JosephUM2.271711.82.40.556
27Michael ForrestFAU2.075714.730.533
28Brandon WeatherspoonFAU2.060614.14.80.526
29Bryan GreenleeFAU1.693511.21.80.548
30Nahiem AlleyneUConn1.66608.11.10.488
31Jalen GaffneyFAU1.28388.100.453

Here are each teams top minutes players and their rank in ADJeff among the other final 4 teams. In games of high important like this coaches usually cut the benches way down and play the players they trust larger portions of minutes. I think you should expect a little tighter rotation for each team. Foul trouble and injuries can also impact the rotations of course.


1Adama SanogoUConn5.998029.5
6Jordan HawkinsUConn4.0103220
11Tristen NewtonUConn3.4105716.8
14Joey CalcaterraUConn3.351916.5
15Alex KarabanUConn3.2106515.8
17Andre JacksonUConn3.199115.2
30Nahiem AlleyneUConn1.66608.1

UConn isn’t overly deep but they don’t need to be. They have some of everything and even if the best player in the Final Four Sanogo was to get into foul trouble or and injury they have Donovan Clingan. Donovan Clingan is a statistical beast but didn’t meet our minutes requirement. If he got minutes and a call up for some reason, I have no doubt he’d be one of the best players in the final four with his per minute production. UConn is stacked.

Donovan ClinganUConn48833.211.20.634


2Norchad OmierUM4.9103226.4
4Jordan MillerUM4.3125623.1
7Isaiah WongUM3.9120221.4
16Nijel PackUM3.1107516.7
18Wooga PoplarUM3.185416.6
26Bensley JosephUM2.271711.8

Miami has 3 of the top 7 players by ADJeff. Nijel Pack can get as blazing hot as anyone left in the tournament as well. He had such a slow start the first 12 games. The last 22 he has likely been more like a top 10 player and is coming in playing more at that level. We detailed it here. Pack is 64-147 for .435% from three and averaged 15.2 points in the last 22 games. Miami plays small and has a dynamic offense. Unfortunately teams with players like Sanogo or players that drive may punish them at the rim.

Final Four Thoughts and Preview

San Diego State

3Jaedon LedeeSDSU4.667122.7
5Nathan MensahSDSU4.276620.4
8Matt BradleySDSU3.697317.7
9Keshad JohnsonSDSU3.682117.6
13Aguek AropSDSU3.456016.5
19Lamont ButlerSDSU2.995114.2
21Darrion TrammellSDSU2.897714.1
22Micah ParrishSDSU2.880013.8
25Adam SeikoSDSU2.571212.1

San Diego State’s value is probably not fully captured in the efficiency. There are some defensive components but it’s a weaker part of the statistic I think everyone understands. San Diego State is the best defensive team in the tournament left by KenPom’s adjusted defensive numbers. Other than Miami these are all pretty good defensive teams.

Defense RankKenPom
San Diego State4
Florida Atlantic30

Unfortunately the offense is also the worst.

Offense RankKenPom
Florida Atlantic24
San Diego State74

Florida Atlantic

10Vladislav GoldinFAU3.679525.8
12Johnell DavisFAU3.493224.6
20Alijah MartinFAU2.991820.9
23Giancarlo RosadoFAU2.863819.8
24Nick BoydFAU2.587217.9
27Michael ForrestFAU2.075714.7
28Brandon WeatherspoonFAU2.060614.1
29Bryan GreenleeFAU1.693511.2
31Jalen GaffneyFAU1.28388.1

FAU is a legit team who is pretty good on both sides of the ball. There is lots of balance and a deep rotation. This is the time of the year I think the deep rotation is less important though. I think you would much rather have the top 5 or 6 players, specifically the top 3. This is where FAU probably is the weakest, but they have been proving us and everyone else wrong all year.

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