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NBA Playoff Predictions

1st Round

(1) Milwaukee4
(8) Miami1
(4) Cleveland4
(5) New York2
(3) Philadelphia4
(6) Brooklyn1
(2) Boston4
(7) Atlanta1
(1) Denver4
(8) Minnesota1
(4) Phoenix4
(5) LA Clippers2
(3) Sacramento2
(6) Golden State4
(2) Memphis2
(7) LA Lakers4

2nd Round

East 2nd
(1) Milwaukee4
(4) Cleveland2
(3) Philadelphia2
(2) Boston4
(1) Denver2
(4) Phoenix4
(6) Golden State4
(7) LA Lakers2

Conference Finals

(1) Milwaukee4
(2) Boston3
(4) Phoenix2
(6) Golden State4


(1) Milwaukee4
(6) Golden State2



Usually, you have a good idea of which teams will make it to the conference finals. This however is one of the most wide-open years I can ever remember. There are 8 teams that if they won it I wouldn’t find it completely shocking. The teams I feel like are capable are Milwaukee, Boston, Phoenix, Denver, Golden State, Philadelphia, LA Lakers, and Memphis. I would say Milwaukee, Boston, Phoenix, Denver, and Golden State are 1st tier of that group. Philadelphia, LA Lakers, and Memphis in the 2nd tier of the group. LeBron James and Anthony Davis aren’t 100% but they are still one of the best duo’s in the NBA. The Lakers experience makes them live still to me. Memphis is a little young, and I don’t trust Harden or Doc Rivers which is why I’d push them to these teams all to the 2nd tier.

I think Giannis Antetokounmpo has taken a step back this season. Having home court makes the likely Boston series a toss up though. A lot will be riding on the health of Kris Middleton. I think you have to go with the teams you know can and have won a championship before until they prove they are that team. That’s assuming health of course. Phoenix is a scary team and has made the finals, but I do believe only having Kevin Durant for a few games is a bigger deal than what the consensus is. I think they could be the most talented team, but continuity is a real thing. We know Golden State has it, so does Milwaukee. Ultimately that’s what we are going with. I expect this is really close and almost nothing would shock me.

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