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NBA: Who Has the Best Young Players Under 24

Studying extensively when star players peak it became very apparent that most players are at their best from age 24 to 28. The average peak season came at age 26.92

The highly athletic players such as Jordan and LeBron were at the height of their powers statistically per possession at the age of 24 years old. For me 24 is the start of a players prime and while there are certainly many examples of players improving beyond 24 years old this is where the window opens up for most and the improvements start to slow. Players under 24 years old are still on average making much bigger leaps in ability and improvements to their games, especially the younger they are on that spectrum.

Let’s take a look at all the players currently under 24 years old as of January 5th to try to access which NBA teams have the best young talent and likely futures.

This is a list of the top performers this season under 24 years old by team.

Onyeka OkongwuATL22.
Nicolas ClaxtonBKN23.728.
LaMelo BallCHA21.434.623.75.98.1
Patrick WilliamsCHI21.428.
Ayo DosunmuCHI2327.
Darius GarlandCLE22.935.921.42.67.8
Evan MobleyCLE21.63414.38.92.7
Luka DoncicDAL23.93734.38.88.9
Cade CunninghamDET21.333.319.96.26
Jaden IveyDET20.929.814.94.14.0
Isaiah StewartDET21.628.311.67.81.1
Marvin Bagley IIIDET23.821.
Saddiq BeyDET23.728.
Jalen DurenDET19.
Alperen SengunHOU20.426.
Kevin PorterHOU22.734.419.35.55.8
Jabari Smith JrHOU19.73012.17.10.9
Tari EasonHOU21.718.
Tyrese HaliburtonIND22.933.520.6410.2
Bennedict MathurinIND20.628.
Jalen SmithIND22.820.310.26.31
Aaron NesmithIND23.2239.53.71.3
Andrew NembhardIND2326.
Jaren Jackson Jr.MEM23.325.715.96.10.9
Ja MorantMEM23.432.327.168
Santi AldamaMEM2223.
Tyler HerroMIA2335.321.164.5
Anthony EdwardsMIN21.436.924.26.34.4
Jaden McDanielsMIN22.330.511.43.61.8
Naz ReidMIN23.418.110.64.91
Zion WilliamsonNOR22.5332674.6
Trey MurphyNOR22.528.512.74.11.3
RJ BarrettNYK22.734.
Immanuel QuickleyNYK23.626.311.94.13.4
Quentin GrimesNYK22.728.410.23.32.1
Josh GiddeyOKC20.230.615.385.3
Aleksej PokusevskiOKC2121.98.85.12
Jeremiah Robinson-EarlOKC22.221.18.551
Luguentz DortOKC23.730.314.14.12.3
Jalen WilliamsOKC21.727.611.53.62.8
Bol BolORL23.126.1127.10.9
Franz WagnerORL21.433.319.943.5
Wendell Carter Jr.ORL23.730.815.88.73
Cole AnthonyORL22.626.412.64.54.5
Paolo BancheroORL20.134.2216.74
Jalen SuggsORL21.628.912.43.25.4
Tyrese MaxeyPHI22.234.921.23.34.2
Anfernee SimonsPOR23.635.722.434
Keegan MurraySAC22.428.811.53.90.8
Devin VassellSAS22.431.319.443.6
Tre JonesSAS2329.812.83.76.5
Keldon JohnsonSAS23.132.521.64.92.7
Scottie BarnesTOR21.434.
Jarred VanderbiltUTA23.824.
Walker KesslerUTA21.418.
Deni AvdijaWAS2226.

Obviously a team like Detroit seem to be crushing it by the raw numbers, then you look at the efficiency and it paints a different picture. (we’ll use PER since it’s a good stand in for all the percentages and minutes per game.

32.4Luka DoncicDAL23.934.38.88.9
25.5Zion WilliamsonNOR22.52674.6
23.9Tyrese HaliburtonIND22.920.6410.2
23.8Ja MorantMEM23.427.168
22.4Jaren Jackson Jr.MEM23.315.96.10.9
21.0Nicolas ClaxtonBKN23.711.98.21.4
21.0Alperen SengunHOU20.414.38.52.6
19.8Walker KesslerUTA21.
19LaMelo BallCHA21.423.75.98.1
18.6Darius GarlandCLE22.921.42.67.8
18.4Naz ReidMIN23.410.64.91
17.8Marvin Bagley IIIDET23.810.65.90.6
17.5Wendell Carter Jr.ORL23.715.88.73
17.3Anthony EdwardsMIN21.424.26.34.4
17.2Onyeka OkongwuATL22.
17.1Tyler HerroMIA2321.164.5
17.0Devin VassellSAS22.419.443.6
16.8Bol BolORL23.1127.10.9
16.7Franz WagnerORL21.419.943.5
16.6Evan MobleyCLE21.614.38.92.7
16.5Jarred VanderbiltUTA23.
16.4Paolo BancheroORL20.1216.74
15.9Anfernee SimonsPOR23.622.434
15.8Kevin PorterHOU22.719.35.55.8
15.7Tyrese MaxeyPHI22.
15.7Jalen DurenDET19.17.68.51
15.6Jalen SmithIND22.810.26.31
15.5Tari EasonHOU21.
15.3Josh GiddeyOKC20.215.385.3
15.2Santi AldamaMEM229.55.11.3
15.1Tre JonesSAS2312.83.76.5
15.0Trey MurphyNOR22.512.74.11.3
15.0Cole AnthonyORL22.612.64.54.5
14.8Scottie BarnesTOR21.414.96.94.6
14.6Cade CunninghamDET21.319.96.26
14.6Keldon JohnsonSAS23.
14.3Aleksej PokusevskiOKC218.85.12
13.9Immanuel QuickleyNYK23.611.94.13.4
13.8Bennedict MathurinIND20.617.43.91.4
13.6Isaiah StewartDET21.611.67.81.1
13.3Saddiq BeyDET23.713.84.21.5
13.3RJ BarrettNYK22.719.75.53.0
12.5Jalen WilliamsOKC21.711.53.62.8
12.1Jaden McDanielsMIN22.311.43.61.8
11.9Jalen SuggsORL21.612.43.25.4
11.8Jaden IveyDET20.914.94.14.0
11.8Luguentz DortOKC23.714.14.12.3
11.5Quentin GrimesNYK22.710.23.32.1
10.9Aaron NesmithIND23.
10.5Jabari Smith JrHOU19.712.17.10.9
10.5Keegan MurraySAC22.411.53.90.8
10.4Patrick WilliamsCHI21.

I think you clearly would want to be Memphis, Dallas, Indiana or New Orleans. These teams have either a superstar, or the best mix of young players.

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