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ROI: More with Less & Less with More

How I typically view a job’s quality is the overall resources a program can offer to a coach. How I view the job the coach is doing at that school is if they are posting higher ranked seasons than the amount of overall spending at a school. For instance, Furman has averaged a 60 NET ranking the last 4 seasons the NET has been the preferred metric of the NCAA. Bob Richey would certainly be considered an overachiever with what he is paid and doing with the investment at Furman.

I believe a program is only as good as its current coach. There is plenty of evidence over the history of hiring the wrong coach and losing big regardless of what you have as an institution. There are also plenty of examples of coaches taking programs that had never done anything and building them into powers. Gonzaga didn’t even go to their first NCAA’s until the mid ’90s for example. I believe history is a factor but not in the way many would believe. The trophies and banners are almost meaningless to winning in the future. Where the history does matter moving forward is if the school built foundational things on this success while they were winning like facilities and a fanbase that gives money and shows up that help sustain and contribute to these resources or has gotten them to a higher conference status that helps fill the coffers indirectly.

These resources help schools hire and retain quality coaches. The money is ultimately the biggest deciding factor in my opinion because it starts at the top with the coach, who then recruits the players. Certainly having good facilities, TV, conference location, etc will aid or be a detriment in hiring or retaining the coach, and the quality of staff or players he can bring as well. It’s still tied up mostly in the money though, and it shows as most of the richest programs are the most successful. In this article, we will look at the outliers to this rule of thumb. The programs that do the most with less, and the ones that burn money as well and have little to show.

Here are the Top 150+ Paid Coaches and what they are making.

Coaching Salary Ranking

Poor Return

Pay RankSalary2022 NET4 Year NET AvgBudget Rank
12GeorgetownPatrick Ewing$4,000,00019410320
18PittJeff Capel$3,533,43819312535
20NebraskaFred Hoiberg$3,500,00014512215
36Georgia TechJosh Pastner$3,000,0001579677
39Oregon StateWayne Tinkle$2,900,00025511487
81USFBrian Gregory$1,600,000245157106
82CaliforniaMark Fox$1,600,00015014974

Georgetown, Pitt, and Nebraska are on a different level of burning money, all with top 20 paid coaches and top 35 funded programs getting 100+ results over the last 4 years and 145+ results last season. Other schools that would have been on this list for the results like Georgia and East Carolina fired their coaches last year. We’ll wipe the slate clean for now.

Great Return

Pay RankSalary2022 NET4 Year NET AvgBudget Rank
67GonzagaMark Few$2,000,0001123
74North CarolinaHubert Davis$1,750,000172434
87San Diego StBrian Dutcher1,310,000303592
94Loyola ChicagoDrew Valentine$1,100,0002856100
103Boise StateLeon Rice$900,0003475127
105Saint Mary?sRandy Bennett$800,0001920109
108BelmontCasey Alexander$800,0007972152
114WyomingJeff Linder$700,00058203119
119North TexasGrant McCasland$650,0005588130
150Vermont CatamountsJohn Becker$318,2705673204
158South Dakota StateEric Henderson$275,00067102297
FurmanBob RicheyNA8260143

These schools are getting more bang for their buck. Davidson would be on this list as well if McKillop hadn’t retired last season. Saint Mary’s and Randy Bennett have to be considered the king of doing more with less. The program he has built is incredible. He’s built a legit top 20 program nationally, playing here…

The program was 2-27 the year before he got there, and they haven’t missed an NCAA or NIT in 16 years. The jobs Jeff Linder, John Becker, and Eric Henderson are doing are worth mentioning as well. It’s impressive to get basketball players to Wyoming, Vermont, and South Dakota. These aren’t exactly hotbeds of talent. They have to convince players to come to these locations and play a sport in places that have harsh winters and aren’t the most desirable places to live for young college students. Vermont and South Dakota State are certainly getting incredible returns for what they put into their program. When you compare that to Georgetown sitting in a hotbed like DC it’s eye-opening.

Here are all the top salary’s for current men’s NCAA College Basketball Coaches.

Coaching Salary
1KansasBig 12Bill Self$10,184,282
2KentuckySECJohn Calipari,$8,602,306
3Michigan StateBig TenTom Izzo$8,341,321
4DukeACCJon Scheyer$7,353,496
5UCLAPac 12Mick Cronin$5,500,000
6TexasBig 12Chris Beard$5,255,000
7TennesseeSECRick Barnes$5,200,000
8VillanovaBig EastKyle Neptune$4,400,000
9TCUBig 12Jamie Dixon$4,347,975
10MarylandBig TenKevin Willard$4,200,000
11West VirginiaBig 12Bob Huggins$4,150,000
12GeorgetownBig EastPatrick Ewing$4,000,000
13Texas A&MSECBuzz Williams$4,000,000
14ArkansasSECEric Musselman$4,000,000
15AuburnSECBruce Pearl$3,825,321
16OregonPac 12Dana Altman$3,759,500
17VirginiaACCTony Bennett$3,648,019
18PittACCJeff Capel$3,533,438
19BaylorBig 12Scott Drew$3,511,477
20NebraskaBig TenFred Hoiberg,$3,500,000
21IllinoisBig TenBrad Underwood$3,500,000
22MichiganBig TenJuwan Howard$3,500,000
23ProvidenceBig EastEd Cooley$3,450,550
24LouisvilleACCKenny Payne$3,400,000
25GeorgiaSECMike White$3,400,000
26USCPac 12Andy Enfield$3,354,315
27NorthwesternBig TenChris Collins$3,262,250
28AlabamaSECNate Oats$3,237,587
29PurdueBig TenMatt Painter$3,225,000
30OklahomaBig 12Porter Moser$3,200,000
31IndianaBig TenMike Woodson$3,125,000
32HoustonAACKelvin Sampson$3,100,000
33Ole MissSECKermit Davis$3,052,500
34Ohio StateBig TenChris Holtmann$3,045,179
35Texas TechBig 12Mark Adams$3,000,000
36Georgia TechACCJosh Pastner$3,000,000
37IowaBig TenFran McCaffrey$3,000,000
38FloridaSECTodd Golden$3,000,000
39Oregon StatePac 12Wayne Tinkle$2,900,000
40ArizonaPac 12Tommy Lloyd$2,900,000
41WashingtonPac 12Mike Hopkins$2,900,000
42SyracuseACCJim Boehiem$2,843,260
43UConnBig EastDanny Hurley$2,800,000
44MarquetteBig EastShaka Smart$2,800,000
45MissouriSECDennis Gates$2,750,000
46NC StateACCKevin Keatts$2,700,000
47St John?sBig EastMike Anderson$2,600,000
48Seton HallBig EastShaheen Holloway$2,400,000
49XavierBig EastSean Miller$2,400,000
50ColoradoPac 12Tad Boyle$2,400,000
51Mississippi StateSECChris Jans$2,400,000
52MemphisAACPenny Hardaway$2,350,000
53VanderbiltSECJerry Stackhouse$2,232,090
54Florida StateACCLeonard Hamilton$2,200,000
55Arizona StatePac 12Bobby Hurley$2,200,000
56South CarolinaSECLamont Paris$2,200,000
57LSUSECMatt McMahon$2,200,000
58St LouisA10Travis Ford$2,100,000
59Kansas StateBig 12Jerome Tang$2,100,000
60UtahPac 12Craig Smith$2,100,000
61Rhode IslandA10Archie Miller$2,000,000
62SMUAACRob Lanier$2,000,000
63Virginia TechACCMike Young$2,000,000
64Wake ForestACCSteve Forbes$2,000,000
65Rhode IslandAtlantic 10Archie Miller$2,000,000
66Penn StateBig TenMicah Shrewsberry$2,000,000
67GonzagaWest CoastMark Few$2,000,000
68MinnesotaBig TenBen Johnson$1,950,000
69CreightonBig EastGreg McDermot$1,926,881
70WisconsinBig TenGreg Gard$1,900,000
71DaytonA10Anthony Grant$1,830,000
72St. BonaventureA10Mark Schmidt$1,800,000
73ClemsonACCBrad Brownell$1,800,000
74North CarolinaACCHubert Davis$1,750,000
75Oklahoma StateBig 12Mike Boynton$1,725,000
76MiamiACCJim Larranaga$1,700,000
77RutgersBig TenSteve Pikiell$1,700,000
78ButlerBig EastThad Matta$1,687,863
79Notre DameACCMike Brey$1,680,981
80UMassA10Frank Martin$1,650,000
81USFAACBrian Gregory$1,600,000
82CaliforniaPac 12Mark Fox$1,600,000
83VCUA10Mike Rhoads$1,500,000
84Iowa StateBig 12T.J. Otzelberger$1,500,000
85DepaulBig EastTony Stubblefield$1,500,000
86Washington StatePac 12Kyle Smith$1,400,000
87San Diego StMWCBrian Dutcher1,310,000
88TulsaAACErick Konkol$1,300,000
89CincinnatiAACWes Miller$1,250,000
90BYUWest CoastMark Pope$1,250,000
91TulaneAACRon Hunter$1,200,000
92NevadaMWCSteve Alford$1,150,000
93RichmondA10Chris Mooney$1,100,000
94Loyola ChicagoA10Drew Valentine$1,100,000
95UCFAACJohnny Dawkins$1,100,000
96TempleAACAaron McKie$1,100,000
97Colorado StateMWCNiko Medved$1,100,000
98DuquesneA10Keith Dambrot$1,000,000
99Wichita StateAACIsaac Brown$1,000,000
100IonaMAACRick Pitinio$1,000,000
101George MasonA10Kim English$925,000
102ECUAACMichael Schwartz$900,000
103Boise StateMWCLeon Rice$900,000
104UABCUSAAndy Kennedy$900,000
105Saint Mary’sWest CoastRandy Bennett$800,000
106Fresno StateMWCJustin Hutson$800,000
107Utah StateMWCRyan Odom$800,000
108BelmontMVCCasey Alexander$800,000
109DrakeMVCDarian DeVries$800,000
110New MexicoMWCRichard Pitino$775,000
111UNLVMWCKevin Kruger$770,000
112UTEP MinersCUSAJoe Golding$725,000
113La SalleA10Fran Dunphy$724,000
114WyomingMWCJeff Linder$700,000
115San Jose StateMWCTim Miles$700,000
116BradleyMissouri ValleyBrian Wardle$681,886
117AkronMACJohn Groce$650,000
118Western Kentucky HilltoppersCUSARick Stansbury$650,000
119North TexasCUSAGrant McCasland$650,000
120CharlotteConference USARon Sanchez$650,000
121LouisianaSun BeltBob Marlin$642,000
122DavidsonA10Matt McKillop$600,000
123OhioMACJeff Boals$581,000
124Middle TennesseeCUSANick McDevitt$575,000
125Illinois StateMissouri ValleyDan Muller$564,000
126Old DominionCUSAJeff Jones$550,000
127Wright State RaidersHorizon LeagueScott Nagy$500,000
128Southern IllinoisMissouri ValleyBryan Mullins$475,000
129MonmouthMAACKing Rice$446,448
130TowsonCAAPat Skerry$445,000
131Central MichiganMACTony Barbee$420,000
132MarshallCUSADan D’Antoni$420,000
133Bowling GreenMACMichael Huger$415,000
134ToledoMACTod Kowalczyk$415,000
135Northern KentuckyHorizon LeagueDarrin Horn$400,000
136Florida AtlanticCUSADusty May$390,000
137ManhattanMAACSteve Masiello$389,383
138Kent StateMACRob Senderoff$385,000
139Arkansas StateSun BeltMike Balado$375,000
140Missouri StateMissouri ValleyDana Ford$375,000
141Stephen F. AustinSouthlandKyle Keller$375,000
142Stony BrookAmerica EastGeno Ford$365,000
143UC IrvineBig WestRussell Turner$364,000
144UC Santa BarbaraBig WestJoe Pasternack$357,489
145Cal PolyBig WestJohn Smith$350,004
146UC DavisBig WestJim Les$350,000
147Indiana StateMissouri ValleyJosh Schertz$334,000
148HawaiiBig WestEran Ganot$330,000
149UTSA RoadrunnersCUSASteve Henson$325,000
150Vermont CatamountsAmerica EastJohn Becker$318,270
151Southern MissCUSAJay Ladner$315,000
152OaklandHorizon LeagueGreg Kampe$301,165
153Coastal CarolinaSun BeltCliff Ellis$300,409
154Appalachian StateSun BeltDustin Kerns$300,000
155Florida InternationalCUSAJeremy Ballard$300,000
156Morgan StateMEACKevin Broadus$300,000
157Long Beach StateBig WestDan Monson$283,560
158South Dakota StateSummitEric Henderson$275,000
159Austin PeayOhio ValleyMatt Figger$270,000
160Cal State FullertonBig WestDedrique Taylor$257,508
161UMass LowellAmerica EastPat Duquette$250,113
162Little RockSun BeltDarrell Walker$250,000
163North Carolina CentralMEACLeVelle Moton$250,000
164Texas SouthernSWACJohnny Jones$250,000
165Cal State BakersfieldWACRod Barnes$244,765
FordhamA10Keith UrgoNA
St. Joseph?sA10Billy LangeNA
George WashingtonA10Chris CaputoNA
StanfordPac 12Jerod HaaseNA
Air ForceMWCJoe ScottNA

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