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NBA 2k24 Player Ratings


The newest installment of the 2k series will be released on September, 8 2023. We’ve got you covered with confirmed current ratings, projected ratings, and our own ratings if you would like to use them as a guide. We’ve also included projected rookie classes for 2024 for the hardcore dynasty players. Our personal 2k rankings are based off advanced metrics, on off etc. 2k24 are a mix of projections as well as those released already.

NBA Player Rankings 2023-2024
1Nikola Jokic989799
2LeBron James969794
3Giannis Antetokounmpo969797
4Joel Embiid969797
5Kevin Durant969694
6Stephen Curry969694
7Luka Doncic959796
8Jayson Tatum959592
9Jimmy Butler959392
10Damian Lillard949591
11Kawhi Leonard949291
12Devin Booker949292
13Shai Gilgeous-Alexander939492
14Anthony Davis939493
15Donovan Mitchell929289
16Ja Morant909290
17Zion Williamson909292
18Kyrie Irving899188
19James Harden899089
20Jaylen Brown899087
21Trae Young898989
22Paul George898986
23DeAaron Fox888990
24Tyrese Haliburton888989
25Jalen Brunson888786
26Anthony Edwards888684
27Jamal Murray888484
28Domantas Sabonis878989
29Jrue Holiday878887
30Bam Adebayo878788
31Darius Garland868786
32Bradley Beal868786
33Zach LaVine868786
34DeMar DeRozan868785
35Pascal Siakam868787
36Mikal Bridges868785
37Kristaps Porzingis868786
38Jaren Jackson Jr.868790
39LaMelo Ball868685
40Lauri Markkanen868686
41Miles Bridges868382
42Brandon Ingram858787
43Julius Randle858785
44Evan Mobley858685
45Klay Thompson858684
46Karl-Anthony Towns858687
47Khris Middleton858684
48Tyrese Maxey858481
49Desmond Bane848585
50Brook Lopez848584
51Cade Cunningham848481
52Paolo Banchero848482
53Rudy Gobert848484
54Dejounte Murray848485
55C.J. McCollum848483
56Nikola Vucevic848482
57Nicolas Claxton848484
58Aaron Gordon848383
59Myles Turner838585
60Jalen Green838480
61Josh Giddey838480
62Tyler Herro838480
63Jarrett Allen838485
64Deandre Ayton838485
65Scottie Barnes838383
66Draymond Green838382
67Michael Porter Jr.838385
68Fred VanVleet838381
69Anfernee Simons838380
70Jonas Valanciunas838384
71Walker Kessler838383
72Kyle Kuzma838382
73Alperen Sengun838382
74Malcolm Brogdon838382
75Jordan Poole828479
76Franz Wagner828481
77Robert Williams III828385
78Clint Capela828382
79R.J. Barrett828280
80OG Anunoby828284
81Andrew Wiggins828283
82Jalen Williams828279
83Marcus Smart828283
84Bobby Portis828281
85Bojan Bogdanovic828281
86Spencer Dinwiddie818383
87Lonzo Ball818279
88Jusuf Nurkic818282
89Jerami Grant818282
90Russell Westbrook818177
Top 2024 Rookies
Victor Wembanyama84
Scoot Henderson78
Brandon Miller78
Ausar Thompson76
Amen Thompson76
Cam Whitmore74
Jarace Walker74
Bilal Coulibaly73
Anthony Black73
Taylor Hendricks73
Keyonte George72
Gradey Dick72
Cason Wallace72
Jett Howard72
Jalen Hood-Schifino72
Kris Murray72
Kobe Bufkin72
Jordan Hawkins72
Dereck Lively II72
Brice Sensabaugh71
Brandin Podziemski71
Dariq Whitehead71
2024 NBA Mock Draft

2024 Draft ClassAgeProjection
XAVIER BOOKER6’11Michigan St18.576
JUSTIN EDWARDS6’7Kentucky19.275
RONALD HOLLAND6’8Texas17.777
JAKOBE WALTER6’5Baylor18.575
MATAS BUZELIS6’10GLeauge18.475
IZRAN ALMANSA6’10Spain17.775
DAJUAN WAGNER JR.6’3Kentucky17.975
ADAY MARA7’3Spain17.976
ALEX SARR7’0France17.975
AARON BRADSHAW7’0Kentucky18.875
SEAN STEWART6’8Duke18.172
CALEB FOSTER6’3Duke18.773
CODY WILLIAMS6’8Colorado18.371
SERGIO DE LARREA6’5Spain17.370
ANDREJ STOJAKOVIC6’7Stanford18.670
ROBERT DILLINGHAM6’1Kentucky18.270
BRONNY JAMES6’3Undecided18.470
THIERRY DARLAN6’6Senegal19.270
ZACH EDEY7’4Purdue2183
OMAHA BILIEW6’8Iowa State18.672
JOHNI BROOME6’10Auburn20.773

2025 Draft Class
1Cooper Flagg6’819582
2Bryson Tucker6’718078
3Tre Johnson6’618076
4Flory Bidunga6’1022074
5Hugo Gonzalez6’620074
6Airious Bailey6’820073
7Egor Demin6’819073
8Liam McNeeley6’719073
9Ian Jackson6’617072
10Dylan Harper6’518072
11Killian Malwaya6’618072
12Carter Bryant6’822572
13Naasir Cunningham6’717572
14Vyctorius Miller6’618072
15Isaiah Evans6’718072
16Karter Knox6’620072
17Jason Asemota6’921072
18Trentyn Flowers6’819071
19Dame Sarr6’620071
20VJ Edgecombe6’720571

The long-awaited NBA 2K24 is set to release this September, and 2K Sports has announced that there will be multiple versions of the game available for release on September 8th. With Lebron James and Kobe Bryant as the official cover athletes, it?s no surprise that this is the biggest and most anticipated release in the NBA 2K series in the last few years.

The current gen versions of the game — NBA 2K23 and NBA 2K24 — will both be available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S; Take Two Interactive and 2K Sports will also be releasing the game for the Nintendo Switch. Pre-order bonuses have not yet been announced, however, the official release date for the game is September 8, 2020.

In addition to the standard edition, NBA 2K24 will also have a digital deluxe version, featuring early access, a WNBA edition, and multiple cover stars such as Steph Curry, Joel Embiid, and James Harden. The game promises to contain never-before-seen features, as well as new game modes and possibly a cover athlete for the standard edition.

September 8 marks the official and long overdue release of NBA 2K24. With Michael Jordan, Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant featured on the cover, and new features such as pre-order bonuses and digital deluxe edition, basketball fans from all over the world have been eagerly awaiting the release of the game. The release of NBA 2K24 is sure to be the biggest 2K Sports and Take Two Interactive have had in the past few years.

The wait is almost over, as Take Two Interactive has officially announced the release date and pre-order bonuses for the highly-anticipated NBA 2K23 and NBA 2K24. After two years of waiting, gamers are finally ready for the return of the NBA 2K series in September 2023. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the latest installment of the 2K series, with exciting new game modes, features and cover athletes.

The cover athletes for the basketball video game have been revealed. This year 2K Sports chose NBA icons LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan and Joel Embiid to grace the covers of both the standard and WNBA editions. Joining the titans of the NBA are Seattle Storm’s Sue Bird and James Harden. This mimics the same pattern as the last few NBA 2K releases, with two cover stars each year.

In addition to the much-anticipated release date of September 8, Take Two Interactive has also revealed the digital deluxe edition and pre-order bonuses. This Early Access allows players to get their hands on the game for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and other current gen consoles and the Nintendo Switch three days before the official release date.

The latest installment of the long-running franchise has been one of the most anticipated games of the last few years, and it looks like Take Two Interactive is going all out to make 2K23 and 2K24 the best of the NBA 2K series. With an early release date, multiple versions to choose from, and a selection of pre-order bonuses available, fans of the NBA and Steph Curry, LeBron James, and Michael Jordan will definitely be excited for the newest title.

So mark your calendars, sports fans: NBA 2K23 and NBA 2K24 will officially launch September 8 on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, while the current gen and Nintendo Switch versions are set to release three days beforehand.

As the highly anticipated launch of the Xbox Series X nears, gamers and basketball fans alike await the release of NBA 2K24. The latest installment of the popular NBA video game series will offer a host of new features, including exciting game modes and a cover athlete yet to be revealed.

The rights to the 23rd release of the game were acquired by Xbox in the fall of 2021, signaling a monumental partnership between two of the world’s most powerful brands. Xbox are confident that with the help of the latest technology, NBA 2K24 will provide gamers with the best gaming experience they have ever had.

The gamers are eager for the announcement of NBA 2K24’s cover athlete, as many legendary players in the WNBA are being suggested for the role. It is widely speculated that the release schedule will coincide with the launch of the Xbox Series X.

As fans of the game anxiously await, one thing is certain: the release date of NBA 2K24 is sure to include more dynamic and innovative game modes than ever before. With this exciting news, it’s only a matter of time before the final details are known, and the potential of NBA 2K24 revealed.

Expect multiple versions with a different cover athlete. We already know of the main cover athlete and new features, wnba edition similar to nba 2k23. Joel Embiid could also end up on a xbox one cover of NBA 2k.

Final Thoughts 2k Ratings

In the world of virtual basketball, the annual release of player ratings for NBA 2K often sparks fervent discussions among fans, players, and even the athletes themselves. Every year, debates rage over whether the ratings accurately represent the players’ real-life skills and performances. Two standout names that consistently grab the headlines are LeBron James and James Harden.

LeBron James, dubbed by many as one of the greatest basketball players ever, has seen his NBA 2K ratings fluctuate over the years. There’s little argument that “King James” has earned high ratings, but some argue whether he deserves to be rated the absolute best every year, based on his current form. With his ability to control a game, his versatile role on the court, and his unmatched basketball IQ, it’s hard to set a definitive rating for a player of his stature. This year, with 2K’s new rating system, LeBron’s numbers have again been a topic of intense discussion.

James Harden, on the other hand, is a player whose rating always seems to be under the microscope. Known for his exceptional scoring prowess, Harden’s ratings over the years have mirrored his on-court evolution. As Harden’s role has changed with various teams, so have his 2K ratings, but do they truly encapsulate what he brings to the court?

Many players often take to platforms like Instagram to share their reactions to their ratings, some in jest and some in genuine disbelief. It’s always a spectacle to watch these NBA stars react, proving just how significant these numbers are in today’s digital age.

In the end, the debate boils down to choices made by the NBA 2K rating committee. Do they base ratings on last year’s performances, or do they project and choose based on potential for the upcoming season? While the ratings provide fans with content for endless debates, it’s essential to remember that these are just numbers in a video game. They play a role in the virtual representation of the player, but the real magic is in the hands of the players themselves, on the court, under the bright lights of NBA arenas.

In conclusion, while NBA 2K ratings are a fun and engaging way for fans to connect with their favorite players, they are but a snapshot of a player’s essence and skill. Whether you agree or disagree with LeBron James or James Harden’s rating this year, one thing’s for sure: both players will continue to dazzle fans around the world with their on-court brilliance.