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College Basketball

All Time NET: A 5 Year Average

NET ranking is now five years old, a full half decade since it’s creation. It became the preferred system of ranking by...


NBA Power Rankings 2023-2024

NBA Power Rankings 2023-24 In the age of parity, the 5th different NBA team has won the title in the last 5...

College Basketball

The Milsap Doctrine

Back around 2008, I became aware of an NBA study called the Milsap Doctrine, named after Paul Milsap. I believe it was...

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What If Harden Wasn’t Traded From OKC

It’s been 10 years now, a full decade since one of the most monumental...

Left-handers: LeBron, Larry, and the Reverse Nightmare Ben Simmons is Living

For years, I have watched Ben Simmons struggle as a player and have believed...

Adjusted Majors: Without Tiger

What if Tiger Woods never picked up a golf club in an alternative history?...

2022 Mock Expansion Draft

From 1988 to 2004 seven expansion teams were added to the NBA, but in...



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