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The 30 PER Club: Is Anthony Davis Back?

I’ve talked about the 30 PER club a few times in previous articles. Remember PER it’s adjusted for league average that year,...

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Indiana State: A Case Study of How Good Elite D2’s Are?

I’ve often wondered how good the top D2 teams really are. Could you put the best team from D2 directly into D1,...


Golden State: It’s Time

It’s time to go all in Golden State. That might be an odd statement to say on the surface for a team...

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Left-handers: LeBron, Larry, and the Reverse Nightmare Ben Simmons is Living

For years, I have watched Ben Simmons struggle as a player and have believed...

Adjusted Majors: Without Tiger

What if Tiger Woods never picked up a golf club in an alternative history?...

How Wrong I Was About the Future

I love Roger Federer’s game and this was a sad day to see him...

2022 Mock Expansion Draft

From 1988 to 2004 seven expansion teams were added to the NBA, but in...

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