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West Coast Preview 2023-24

2023-2024 WCC Basketball Predictions & Preview

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Our model, ADJeff ratings, are just a rating of the D1 players and their Adjust Efficiency by strength of schedule. There are other factors we consider in the overall team rankings like coaching, continuity, incoming freshmen, JUCO, team build, fit, etc.

2Saint Mary’s3.611
6San Francisco1.8108
7Santa Clara1.684
9San Diego1.9230

The Top WCC Players by Adjusted Efficiency

19Anton WatsonGonzaga22.74.6
54Mitchell SaxenSaint Mary’s21.34.1
68Graham IkeGonzaga25.13.9
99Alex DucasSaint Mary’s18.73.6
159Ryan NembhardGonzaga14.93.2
170Aidan MahaneySaint Mary’s16.23.1
215Tyler RobertsonPortland182.9
225Keli LeaupepeLMU17.92.9
227Jevon PorterPepperdine17.82.9
248Lars ThiemannLMU16.52.8
284Kristian SjolundPortland18.62.7
355Ethan AndersonPepperdine142.4
396Tyler BeardPacific16.82.3
457Houston MallettePepperdine13.12.1

The WCC takes a hit losing BYU to the Big 12. The conference has been strong on the court the last few years with Gonzaga ranking #1 in the nation on average in NET since it’s inception 5 years ago, (it’s not even close) and Saint Mary’s in the Top 20 as an underrated program most wouldn’t expect to rank that high. It’s kind of a two team league at this point and these season expects to be no different. He next battle will be for third place where we really like what Loyola Marymount was able to do in the portal.

Gonzaga (30-6, #6 NET)

Gonzaga has the highest NET ranking in college basketball in the 5 years NET has existed. I don’t know how you bet against them. Drew Timme could have use his covid 5th year and I’m surprised he didn’t being paid a reported 1 million dollars in NIL. They will also have to replace Julian Strawther as well who stayed in the draft. He’s unlikely to get drafted high enough to make that kind of money. I’m less sure about some of the other key players who likely don’t have the same NIL type of deal. Malachi Smith did not return and I thought he was capable of a bigger role. I just believe in Mark Few and Gonzaga enough to not drop them to far outside of the top 10 to much even with some unknowns. He will land some talent in the portal I’m sure as well and has some guys on the bench too keep winning.

Few was able to land some quality transfers in Ike and Nembhard. The defense with Ike in the middle much like Timme, is likely to remain an issue. At least for a team at this elite of a level.

Anton WatsonSr6-8
Ryan NembhardJr6-0
Graham IkeJr6-9
Nolan HickmanJr6-2
Dusty StromerFr6-6
Steele VentersJr6-7
Ben GreggJr6-10
Kaden PerrySo6-9
Alex TooheyFr6-7
Braden HuffFr6-9
Anton Watson6-811.1 Pts, 6.2 Reb, 2.4 Ast
Nolan Hickman6-27.7 Pts, 2.4 Reb, 3.1 Ast
Ben Gregg6-105.1 Pts, 3.0 Reb, 0.7 Ast
Top 250PERADJeff
19Anton WatsonGonzaga22.74.6
68Graham IkeGonzaga25.13.9
156Ryan NembhardGonzaga14.93.2


12Graham Ike6’9Wyoming25.13.9
34Ryan Nembhard6’1Crieighton14.93.2
277Steele Venters6’7E. Wash16.21.7

Nexus Class of 2023

46Dusty Stromer6’5Notre DameGonzaga

Saint Mary’s (26-8, #11 NET)

Leading scorer Logan Johnson is gone, but I they do likely return Aidan Mahaney and Mitchell Saxen. Alex Ducas could also return as well if he elects to take his covid 5th year. We learned our lesson by betting against Randy Bennett last year to have a rebuilding season even though it looked like one. He’s one of the best coaches in the game and Saint Mary’s has a top 20 NET ranking the last 5 years playing in a glorified high school gym. It’s amazing what he does there. He’s been to 15 straight NCAA or NIT’s.

Mitchell SaxenSr6-10
Alex DucasSr6-7
Aidan MahaneySo6-3
Augustas MarciulionisJr6-4
Jordan RossFr6-1
Mason ForbesSr6-8
Harry WesselsSo7-1
Joshua JeffersonSo6-8
Luke BarrettJr6-6
Chris HowellSo6-6
Aidan Mahaney6-313.9 Pts, 2.1 Reb, 2.0 Ast
Alex Ducas6-612.5 Pts, 4.3 Reb, 1.0 Ast
Mitchell Saxen6-1011.6 Pts, 7.6 Reb, 1.7 Ast
Augustas Marciulionis6-45.9 Pts, 1.2 Reb, 1.6 Ast
Kyle Bowen6-85.3 Pts, 7.1 Reb, 1.7 Ast
Harry Wessels7-12.6 Pts, 1.8 Reb, 0.3 Ast
Joshua Jefferson6-82.2 Pts, 1.4 Reb, 0.5 As
Top 250PERADJeff
54Mitchell SaxenSaint Mary’s21.34.1
98Alex DucasSaint Mary’s18.73.6
167Aidan MahaneySaint Mary’s16.23.1

Nexus Class of 2023

77Jordan Ross6’3Link AcademySaint Mary’s

Loyola Marymount

Keli LeaupepeSr6-6
Justin WrightJr6-1
Will JohnstonJr6-3
Lars ThiemannSr7-1
Alex MerkviladzeSr6-8
Justice HillSr6-0
Dominick HarrisJr6-3
Noah TaitzJr6-3
Michael GrahamSr6-8
Rick IssanzaSr7-1
225Keli LeaupepeLMU17.92.9
248Lars ThiemannLMU16.52.8


Tyler RobertsonSr6-6
Kristian SjolundSr6-8
Chris AustinSr6-4
Juan Sebastian GorositoSo6-1
Alimamy KoromaSr6-8
Vukasin MasicJr6-5
Vasilije VucinicJr6-10
Noah JordanSr6-7
Yuto Yamanouchi-WilliamsSo6-10
Thomas OosterbroekSo6-7
Tyler RobertsonPortland182.9
Kristian SjolundPortland18.62.7
Juan Sebastian GorositoPortland11.31.7


Houston MalletteJr6-5
Jevon PorterSo6-11
Ethan AndersonSr6-1
Malik MooreSo6-5
Boubacar CoulibalyJr6-10
Jalen PitreSo6-8
Nils CooperFr6-5
Cord StansberryFr6-3
David MagerFr6-3
Paul JordanSo6-6
Jevon PorterPepperdine17.82.9
Ethan AndersonPepperdine142.4
Houston MallettePepperdine13.12.1

San Francisco

Malik ThomasJr6-5
Marcus WilliamsSr6-2
Mike SharavjamtsSo6-8
Isaiah HawthorneJr6-8
Josh KunenSr6-8
Robby Beasley IIIJr6-3
Jonathan MogboSr6-8
Ndewedo NewburyJr6-7
Stefan TodorovicJr6-8
Saba GigiberiaSr7-1
Marcus WilliamsSan Francisco12.21.9


Tyler BeardJr6-2
Nick BlakeSr6-6
Moe OdumSo6-1
Donovan WilliamsSr6-5
Judson MartindaleJr6-7
Greg OutlawSr6-4
Rakeim GaryJr5-10
Lesown HallumsJr6-2
Cam DensonJr6-7
Burke SmithJr6-11
Tyler BeardPacific16.82.3
Nick BlakePacific16.81.9
Donovan WilliamsPacific11.31.6

Santa Clara

Christoph TillySo7-0
Jalen BenjaminSr5-10
Adama BalJr6-7
Tyeree BryanJr6-6
Johnny O’NeilSr6-9
Camaron TongueJr6-7
Francisco CaffaroSr7-1
Brenton KnapperSo6-0
Kosy AkametuSo6-5
Christian HammondFr6-3
Jalen BenjaminSClara171.4
Tyeree BryanSClara16.81.3

San Diego

Deuce TurnerJr6-2
Seikou Sisoho JawaraSr6-3
Wayne McKinney IIIJr6-0
Steven Jamerson IIJr6-10
P.J. HayesJr6-5
Deven DahlkeSr6-2
Bendji PierreJr6-8
Kevin Patton Jr.Fr6-6
Neel BeniwalSo6-5
Emmanuel CallasFr6-5
Deuce TurnerSan Diego15.82.1
Seikou Sisoho JawaraSan Diego13.11.9
Wayne McKinney IIISan Diego12.21.8

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