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American Basketball Preview 2023-24

2023-24 AAC Basketball Preview

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Our model, ADJeff ratings, are just a rating of the D1 players and their Adjust Efficiency by strength of schedule. There are other factors we consider in the overall team rankings like coaching, continuity, incoming freshmen, JUCO, team build, fit, etc.

5Wichita St.2.3112
6North Texas2.238
8East Carolina2.4188
11South Florida2.0160

The Top 40 AAC Players by Adjusted Efficiency

101Vladislav GoldinFAU25.93.6
123David JonesMemphis18.23.5
127Johnell DavisFAU24.63.4
150Max FiedlerRice24.83.3
153Zhuric PhelpsSMU18.23.2
159Caleb MillsMemphis17.53.2
162Jaykwon WaltonMemphis19.23.1
172Cobe WilliamsTulsa22.63.1
175Jordan BrownMemphis26.03.0
188Chuck HarrisSMU14.43.0
200Alijah MartinFAU20.92.9
201Jaylen ForbesTulane19.52.9
218Tyreek SmithSMU20.72.9
225Kevin CrossTulane18.82.8
246Samuell WilliamsonSMU16.82.8
263Aaron ScottNorth Texas18.42.7
265Kenny PohtoWichita St182.7
308Brandon JohnsonECU18.52.5
310Cam HayesECU13.92.5
321Nick BoydFAU17.92.5
324Ezra AusarECU182.4
338Jacob GermanyWichita St18.32.4
353Jordan Ivy-CurryUTSA17.62.4
355Collin HollowayTulane132.4
363Robert AllenN. Texas14.92.4
384Eric GainesUAB16.12.2
390Sion JamesTulane14.82.2
391Chris YoungbloodUSF20.52.1
397Travis EveeRice15.42.1
420Nick JourdainMemphis13.62.1
426CJ NolandNorth Texas10.62.1
427Lu’Cye PattersonCharlotte17.82.1
298Giancarlo RosadoFAU19.82.1
430Michael ForrestFAU14.72.0
442RJ FeltonECU15.12.0
442Selton MigelUSF14.12.0
448Dre Fuller Jr.UTSA12.91.9
453Keaston WillisTulsa13.51.9
454Jahlil WhiteTemple11.21.9
455JaHeim HudsonSMU16.91.9
456Igor Milicic Jr.Charlotte16.91.9

The American will replace Houston, UCF, and Cincinnati with FAU, UAB, Charlotte, North Texas, Rice and UTSA. In the short term FAU seems like a strong replacement coming off a Final Four appearance and returning most of the same team and coaching. FAU and Memphis projected to be on a tier to themselves entering the season.

Overall the AAC takes a hit in prestige losing Houston and Cincinnati. FAU is unlikely to be at a level past this season as the least funded basketball program in the league (around 175th nationally). Dusty May has signed a long term contract, but if they continue to do well someone will come with a bag and make it hard for him to stay. North Texas lost their coach as well last season. Going to 14 teams dilutes the quality the AAC had maintained most of the last decade it has existed with 11 or 12 team. These moves were made mostly for football and TV money. Basketball will take a hit long term from the 7th best conference they had averaged most seasons.

FAU( 33-3, #13 NET)

Could they keep their players and coach after the Final Four run, so far they have. I had been skeptical of Dusty May returning. He’s also complained schools were recruiting his players even as they are trying to win a championship. We were skeptical this team would be back, but it’s a pleasant surprise as a college basketball fan to see this team likely returning intact now. They remained intact better than almost anyone through the portal and NBA draft season.

We’ve moved them up to 16th from the wait-and-see status. The question now is this lightning in the bottle is something they can sustain or even improve on last year, or will they take a step back. The continuity will help certainly and the NCAA experience but if this team had lost in the first round to Memphis in a game they barely won how would we feel?

They were barely over .500 and had a #132 net the previous year. The jump they made from 132 NET to 13th would suggest maybe a rebound back or some snapback may happen as well. They also will be moving to the American Conference which overall should be a tougher test. It will be interesting but certainly deserve to be ranked in the top 20 to start the season. Probably the top 10 but just considering where they were 2 years ago we have a little hesitancy going that far.

Alijah MartinJr6-2
Johnell DavisJr6-4
Nicholas BoydSo6-3
Vladislav GoldinJr7-1
Bryan GreenleeSr6-0
Giancarlo RosadoJr6-8
Jalen GaffneySr6-3
Brandon WeatherspoonSr6-4
Brenen LorientSo6-9
Tre CarrollSo6-7
Johnell Davis6-413.8 Pts, 5.4 Reb, 1.6 Ast
Alijah Martin6-213.4 Pts, 5.3 Reb, 1.4 Ast
Nick Boyd6-38.9 Pts, 4.3 Reb, 2.4 Ast
Bryan Greenlee6-07.3 Pts, 2.6 Reb, 2.1 Ast
Giancarlo Rosado6-85.8 Pts, 3.5 Reb, 1.4 Ast
Brandon Weatherspoon6-45.0 Pts, 2.2 Reb, 0.8 Ast
Jalen Gaffney6-34.3 Pts, 2.7 Reb, 2.3 Ast
Tre Carroll6-73.4 Pts, 1.8 Reb, 0.4 Ast
Isaiah Gaines6-81.8 Pts, 1.6 Reb, 0.2 Ast
Top 250PERADJeff
94Vladislav GoldinFAU25.943.6
117Johnell DavisFAU24.63.4
169Alijah MartinFAU20.92.9
Nick BoydFAU17.92.5
Giancarlo RosadoFAU19.82.1
Brandon WeatherspoonFAU14.12
Bryan GreenleeFAU11.21.6
Jalen GaffneyFAU8.11.2

Memphis (26-9, #23)

Penny went transfer-heavy last year and will lose most of those older guys. Now he’s back on the freshman train. They graduate 9 seniors this season so this class will need to step up. It’s really good.

Jaykwon WaltonSr6-7
Jordan BrownSr6-11
Jahvon QuinerlySr6-1
David JonesSr6-6
Caleb MillsSr6-5
Jayden HardawaySr6-5
Nick JourdainJr6-8
Jonathan PierreJr6-9
Mikey WilliamsFr6-2
Jayhlon YoungJr6-2
Top 250
123David JonesMemphis18.23.5
147Caleb MillsMemphis17.53.2
162Jaykwon WaltonMemphis19.13.1
175Jordan BrownMemphis26.03.0


37Caleb Mills6’3Florida St17.53.2
108Jonathan Pierre6’9Nova SouthD2
216Nick Jourdain6’8Temple13.62.1
254Jayhlon Young6’2UCF10.51.8
282Teafale Lenard6’7MTSU16.81.7

Class of 2023

23Mikey Williams6?3Memphis
68J.J Taylor6?7Memphis
86Ty-Laur Johnson6?1Memphis
90Carl Cherenfant6?4Memphis
126Ashton Hardaway6?8Memphis


Tyreek SmithSr6-9
Samuell WilliamsonSr6-7
Zhuric PhelpsJr6-3
Chuck HarrisSr6-2
Keon Ambrose-HyltonSr6-8
Jalen SmithJr6-4
Ja’Heim HudsonJr6-7
B.J. EdwardsSo6-3
Xavier FosterJr7-0
Denver AnglinSo6-1
Zhuric PhelpsSMU18.23.2
Chuck HarrisSMU14.43.0
Tyreek SmithSMU20.72.9
Samuell WilliamsonSMU16.82.8
JaHeim HudsonSMU16.91.9


Jaylen ForbesSr6-5
Kevin CrossSr6-8
Sion JamesJr6-5
Collin HollowaySr6-6
Gregg Glenn IIISo6-7
Asher WoodsSo6-3
Jordan WoodSr6-9
Kolby KingSo6-2
Percy DanielsSo6-9
Tre’ WilliamsSr6-6
Jaylen ForbesTulane19.52.9
Kevin CrossTulane18.82.8
Collin HollowayTulane132.4
Sion JamesTulane14.82.2
Asher WoodsTulane12.81.1


Brandon JohnsonJr6-8
Cam HayesSr6-2
RJ FeltonJr6-3
Bobby Pettiford Jr.Jr6-1
Ezra AusurSo6-9
Jaden WalkerSr6-5
Quentin DiboundjeJr6-5
Kalib LaCountSo5-8
Benjamin BayelaSr6-6
Cyr MalongaFr6-11
Brandon JohnsonECU18.52.5
Cam HayesECU13.92.5
Ezra AusarECU182.4
RJ FeltonECU15.12
Bobby PettifordECU7.31.2

Wichita State

Kenny PohtoJr6-11
Colby RogersSr6-4
Harlond BeverlyJr6-6
Jacob GermanySr6-11
Xavier BellJr6-3
Bijan CortesJr6-3
Jalen RicksSo6-7
Isaac AbiddeSo6-9
Makhi MylesFr6-6
Ronnie DeGray IIISr6-6
Kenny PohtoWichita St18.02.7
Jacob GermanyWichita St18.32.4
Harlond BeverlyWichita St131.8
Colby RogersWichita St15.11.3

North Texas

Aaron ScottJr6-7
Rubin JonesSr6-5
John Buggs IIIJr6-2
C.J. NolandJr6-2
Jason EdwardsJr6-2
Matthew StoneJr6-4
Robert AllenSr6-8
Rondel WalkerSr6-5
Moulaye SissokoJr6-9
Chris MorganSo6-8
Aaron ScottNorth Texas18.42.7
Robert AllenNorht Texas14.92.4
CJ NolandNorth Texas10.62.1
Rubin JonesNorth Texas111.6


Lu’Cye PattersonJr6-2
Robert Braswell IVSr6-7
Igor Milicic Jr.Jr6-10
Dishon JacksonJr6-10
Jackson ThreadgillSr6-6
Isaiah FolkesJr6-4
Dean ReiberSr6-10
Nik GravesSo6-3
Daylen BerrySo6-4
Iaroslav NiaguSo7-0
Lu’Cye PattersonCharlotte17.82.1
Igor Milicic Jr.Charlotte16.91.9
Jackson ThreadgillCharlotte8.71.0


Eric GainesJr6-2
Christian ColemanJr6-9
Javian DavisSr6-9
Alejandro VasquezJr6-4
Yaxel LendeborgJr6-9
Daniel OrtizJr6-0
Tony ToneyJr6-2
Barry Dunning Jr.So6-6
Efrem JohnsonSo6-4
James WhiteJr6-5
Eric GainesUAB16.12.2
Daniel OrtizUAB191.5
James WhiteUAB8.71.3
Christian ColemanUAB#20 JUCO
Yaxel LendeborgUAB#6 JUCO


Chris YoungbloodSr6-4
Selton MiguelJr6-4
Jose PlacerSr6-1
Corey Walker Jr.Jr6-8
Brandon StroudSr6-6
Sam Hines Jr.Jr6-6
Kobe KnoxSo6-5
Kasen JenningsSr6-3
Chris YoungbloodUSF20.52.1
Selton MigelUSF14.12
Jose PlacerUSF13.61.8
Corey Walker JrUSF14.11.7


Max FiedlerSr6-11
Travis EveeSr6-1
Cameron SheffieldJr6-6
Mekhi MasonSo6-5
Anthony SeldenSr6-6
Sam AlajikiJr6-7
Alem HuseinovicSr6-4
Noah ShelbySo6-3
Keanu DawesFr6-8
Andrew AkuchieSo6-9
Max FiedlerRice24.83.3
Travis EveeRice15.42.1
Cameron SheffieldRice12.31.6
Anthony SeldenRice15.31.2


Matteo PicarelliSr6-2
Hysier MillerJr6-1
Jahlil WhiteJr6-7
Steve Settle IIISr6-10
Shane DezonieJr6-5
Jordan RileyJr6-4
Zion StanfordFr6-5
Sam HofmanSr6-5
Deuce RobertsFr6-7
Emmanuel OkpomoJr6-10
Jahlil WhiteTemple11.21.9
Hysier MillerTemple10.91.9
Steve SettleTemple14.81
Matteo PicarelliTemple17.60.9


Cobe WilliamsSr6-0
Keaston WillisSr6-3
Isaiah BarnesJr6-7
Chauncey WigginsSo6-9
Carlous WilliamsJr6-7
PJ HaggertySo6-3
Matt ReedFr6-8
Jesaiah McWrightSo6-5
Jarred HallFr6-8
Mohamed KeitaSo7-1
Cobe WilliamsTulsa22.63.1
Keaston WillisTulsa13.51.9


Jordan Ivy-CurryJr6-2
Dre Fuller Jr.Sr6-5
Christian TuckerJr6-3
Carlton Linguard Jr.Sr7-0
Isaiah WyattJr6-4
Justin ThomasJr6-7
Adante’ HolimanSo6-0
Trey EdmondsJr6-10
Massal DioufSo6-9
Nazar MahmoudFr6-5
Jordan Ivy-CurryUTSA17.62.4
Dre Fuller Jr.UTSA12.91.9

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