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Pac-12 Basketball Preview 2023-24

2023-2024 Pac-12 Basketball Predictions & Preview

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Our model, ADJeff ratings, are just a rating of the D1 players and their Adjust Efficiency by strength of schedule. There are other factors we consider in the overall team rankings like coaching, continuity, incoming freshmen, JUCO, team build, fit, etc.

8Arizona State3.166
11Washington St2.973
12Oregon St1.8222

The Top Pac-12 Players by Adjusted Efficiency

3N’Faly DanteOregon29.36.2
10Oumar BalloArizona25.55.1
13Branden CarlsonUtah26.54.8
34Boogie EllisUSC21.34.3
48Tristan Da SilvaColorado20.64.2
56Adema BonaUCLA20.44.1
67Braxton MeahWashington19.83.9
71KJ SimpsonColorado18.33.8
87Keshad JohnsonArizona183.7
102Jaylon TysonCal17.83.6
109Keion Brooks Jr.Washington17.33.5
118Pelle LarssonArizona16.43.4
119Fardaws AimaqCal16.53.5
123Bryant SelebangueArizona St21.33.4
129Devan CambridgeOregon16.63.3
133DJ RodmanUSC16.23.2
134Jermaine CouisnardOregon15.33.3
162Frankie CollinsArizona St153.1
164Caleb LoveArizona14.53
174Jabe MullinsWashington St15.53.1
184Isaac JonesWashington St30.73.0
176Sahvir WheelerWashington14.72.9
190Moses WoodWashington18.42.9
191Devin AskewCal15.12.9
208Jordan PopeOregon St152.8
214Zane MeeksArizona St19.72.8
215Paul MulcahyWashington14.42.8
219Kario OquendoOregon16.92.7
223Keonte KennedyCal15.12.8
229Eddie LampkinColorado16.12.7
244Lazar StefanovicUCLA13.52.5
245Rollie WorsterUtah13.92.6
258Jalen ConeCal17.82.5
265Michael RatajOregon St14.32.6
315Joseph YesufuWashington St7.92.3
332Andrej JakimovskiWashington St11.72.3

Arizona (28-7, #10 NET)

Losing to a 15th-seed Princeton in the tournament isn’t any more ideal than Purdue losing, but I don’t put a lot into that. Upsets happen and this was a top 10 team by most metrics. Princeton was also a strong 15 seed and proved that making the Sweet 16. Two of their top returners averaging double-digit points can return for coach Tommy Lloyd. Azuolas Tubelis is a tough loss, but Oumar Ballo should be one of the best players in the country next year and the post is where the value of this team is. They also added Keshad Johnson from San Deigo State to help mitigate the loss some. Losing Kerr Kriisa in the portal is a surprise, but I think they will be able to replace him fairly easily. His impact was a little overstated by most in our opinion. Pelle Larsson should be able to take over some of the ball handling duties and adding Jaden Bradley gives them a still strong potential starting 5. Caleb Love was a late pick up after he couldn’t get into Michigan. We think they still needed to bring in a little more proven ball handling. If Tommy Lloyd can get Love’s shooting under control and playing a role on this team behind the big men, he could be helpful. If he’s coming here to play the role he did at UNC with that level of usage this could be a negative.

Oumar BalloSr7-0
Caleb LoveSr6-4
Pelle LarssonSr6-5
Kylan BoswellSo6-2
Jaden BradleySo6-3
Keshad JohnsonSr6-7
Henri VeesaarSo7-0
Filip BorovicaninSo6-9
KJ LewisFr6-4
Dylan AndersonSo7-0
Oumar Ballo7-014.2 Pts, 8.6 Reb, 1.6 Ast
Pelle Larsson6-59.9 Pts, 4.3 Reb, 3.1 Ast
Cedric Henderson6-68.1 Pts, 3.5 Reb, 1.1 Ast
Kylan Boswell6-24.6 Pts, 1.6 Reb, 1.6 Ast
Henri Veesaar7-02.4 Pts, 1.5 Reb, 0.5 Ast
Top 250PERADJeff
10Oumar BalloArizona25.495.1
87Keshad JohnsonArizona18.03.7
118Pelle LarssonArizona16.43.4
164Caleb LoveArizona14.53.0


20Keshad Johnson6’7SDSU18.03.7
62Caleb Love6’4UNC14.53.0
156Jaden Bradley6’3Alabama11.42.4

Class of 2023

56K.J. Lewis6?4?Arizona

Oregon (21-15, #47)

Kel’el Ware has hit the portal because N’Faly Dante is likely returning. Both played great last season but Dante was the key. Keeshawn Barthelemy likely returns as well. They have a great class coming in with Mookie Cook and Kwame Evans.

N’Faly DanteSr6-11
Jermaine CouisnardSr6-4
Keeshawn BarthelemySr6-2
Kwame Evans Jr.Fr6-9
Jackson ShelstadFr6-0
Mookie CookFr6-7
Nate BittleJr7-0
Kario OquendoSr6-4
Brennan RigsbyJr6-3
Jesse ZarzuelaSr6-3
Top 250PERADJeff
3N’Faly DanteOregon29.276.2
129Devan CambridgeOregon16.63.3
134Jermaine CouisnardOregon15.33.3
219Kario OquendoOregon16.92.7

Class of 2023

5Marquis Cook6’6Oregon
18Kwame Evans6’9Oregon
41Jackson Shelstad6’0Oregon


100Eddie Lampkin6’11TCU16.12.7

Colorado (18-17, #69 NET)

Colorado will likely return all of their starters. Tristan Da Silva and KJ Simpson are a solid one-two punch. They add Cody Williams who others have as high as 2nd in the draft. We are less high on him but he is a big addition to a team that is pretty good.

KJ SimpsonJr6-2
Tristan da SilvaSr6-9
Cody WilliamsFr6-8
J’Vonne HadleySr6-6
Julian Hammond IIIJr6-3
Eddie Lampkin Jr.Jr6-11
Luke O’BrienSr6-8
Javon RuffinSo6-5
Assane DiopFr6-10
Joe HurlburtFr6-10
Top 250
48Tristan Da SilvaColorado20.64.2
71KJ SimpsonColorado18.33.8
229Eddie LampkinColorado16.12.7

Class of 2023

22Cody Williams6?8?Colorado
151Courtney Anderson6?4?Colorado

USC (22-11, #50 NET)

The Trojans weren?t very good this season, but high school Wooten Player of the Year winner Isaiah Collier is on his way. Tre White would have helped but he’s off to Louisville. I believe Collier is a star but in the super senior age, I’m skeptical of 18-year-olds in general when everyone else is much older. (Brandon Miller was 20 years old and a lot more ready.) Collier is going to be asked to be a team star as well. They also landed Bronny James late in the process. If he’s getting legacy minutes just because he was promised them to commit that may not be a good thing. I’m more skeptical about him being a major contributor. (Edit: Bronny James had a health scare after this was written. Hopefully he can get on the court but that’s unknown at this point)

Isaiah CollierFr6-3
Boogie EllisSr6-3
Kobe JohnsonJr6-6
DJ RodmanSr6-6
VIncent IwuchukwuSo7-1
Joshua MorganSr6-11
Bronny JamesFr6-3
Arrinten PageFr6-9
Oziyah SellersSo6-5
Kijani WrightSo6-9
Top 250
34Boogie EllisUSC21.34.3
133DJ RodmanUSC16.23.2

Class of 2023

3Isaiah Collier6’4USC
67Silas Demary Jr6’4USC
72Arrinten Page6’9USC

UCLA (31-6, #3 NET)

Mick Cronin has lost most of his team Jaime Jaquez , Jaylen Clark, Tyger Campbell and Amari Bailey. It’s a tough blow as all could have returned. Freshmen in Adem Bona and Dylan Andrews that are probably ready for more and will now need to be. This is the most influx team there is with only one transfer coming in ( Lazar Stefanovic ). ADAY MARA is a huge get over the summer. We have the 7’3″ ranked in the top 10 in our 2024 Mock NBA Draft. He’s a bit of a weird fit with Bona and making it to the NCAA would still be an accomplishment.

Aday MaraFr7-3
Adem BonaSo6-10
Dylan AndrewsSo6-2
Lazar StefanovicJr6-7
Sebastian MackFr6-4
Will McClendonSo6-2
Devin WilliamsFr6-10
Brandon WilliamsFr6-7
Ilane FibleuilFr6-6
Kenneth NwubaSr6-10
Jack SeidlerFr6-4
Adem Bona6-107.7 Pts, 5.3 Reb, 0.7 Ast
Dylan Andrews6-23.3 Pts, 1.1 Reb, 0.9 Ast
Kenneth Nwuba6-91.3 Pts, 1.7 Reb, 0.3 Ast
Mac Etienne6-91.3 Pts, 1.9 Reb, 0.2 Ast
Abramo Canka6-61.5 Pts, 0.7 Reb, 0.2 Ast
Will McClendon6-21.0 Pts, 1.1 Reb, 0.8 Ast
Top 250PERADJeff
56Adema BonaUCLA20.44.1
244Lazar StefanovicUCLA13.52.5

Class of 2023

52Devin Williams6’10UCLA
60Brandon Williams6’8UCLA
73Sebastian Mack6’4UCLA
108R.J. Jones6’3UCLA


Washington has some talent, but they seem to underachieve it at times. The seat could be getting a little hot for Mike Hopkins as eventually did for his former boss at Syracuse. This seems like a make or break type of season. We like the talent, with all these seniors it seems like NCAA or bust.

Keion BrooksSr6-7
Braxton MeahSr7-1
Paul MulcahySr6-7
Sahvir WheelerSr5-9
Moses WoodSr6-8
Anthony HollandSr6-5
Franck KepnangSr6-11
Koren JohnsonSo6-2
Wesley YatesFr6-4
Nate CalmeseSo6-2
Top 250
67Braxton MeahWashington19.83.9
109Keion Brooks Jr.Washington17.33.5
175Sahvir WheelerWashington14.72.9
181Moses WoodWashington18.42.9
212Paul MulcahyWashington14.42.8

Stanford (14-19 #97 NET)

This is another program where the talent really pops and that has a lot of seniors. Will they do less with more? This seems like a make or break year for Jared Haase especially with Stanford Alum Mark Madsen arriving in the bay.

Spencer JonesSr6-7
Michael JonesSr6-5
Jared BynumSr5-10
Brandon AngelSr6-8
Michael O’ConnellSr6-2
Maxime RaynaudJr7-1
Andrej StojakovicFr6-6
James KeefeSr6-9
Max MurrellSr6-9
Kanaan CarlyleFr6-2
Top 250
49Spencer JonesStanford21.14.2
74Kobe JohnsonStanford18.93.8
120Maxime RaynaudStanford18.73.4
174Jared BynumStanford19.02.9


Mark Madsen had a great off season in the portal. He seems to have revived a Cal program that was 3-29 last year in one season. This season could be an audition for the Stanford job.

Jaylon TysonJr6-6
Fardaws AimaqSr6-11
Devin AskewSr6-3
Keonte KennedySr6-5
Jalen ConeSr5-11
Grant NewellSo6-8
Jalen CelestineJr6-7
Monty BowserJr6-7
ND OkaforSo6-9
Rodney BrownFr6-5
Top 250
102Jaylon TysonCal17.83.6
119Fardaws AimaqCal16.53.5
223Keonte KennedyCal15.12.8
258Jalen ConeCal17.82.5

Arizona State

The Sun Devils made it to the NCAA’s last year saving Bobby Hurley’s job most likely. Most of that team has now departed though. Bryant Selebangue manning the middle on defense will be a major step back from Warren Washington last season. Do they have enough to be competitive this season is the question. Was a first four victory as an 11 seed enough to save Hurley’s job potentially for two seasons or will he soon be back on his brothers staff.

Frankie CollinsJr6-1
Zane MeeksSr6-9
Adam MillerJr6-3
Bryant SelebangueJr6-9
Jamiya NealJr6-6
Kamari LandsSo6-8
Brycen LongSr6-2
Akil WatsonFr6-8
Braelon GreenFr6-3
Cade RonzoneSr6-2
Top 250
123Bryant SelebangueArizona St21.33.4
162Frankie CollinsArizona St153.1
214Zane MeeksArizona St19.72.8


Branden Carlson is one of the best players in the nation. This team is loaded with seniors as well. It’s another program that needs to take a step this year in Craig Smith’s 3rd season. If they can’t with Carlson and these seniors year 4 might not be a kind rebuild.

Branden CarlsonSr7-0
Rollie WorsterSr6-4
Gabe MadsenSr6-6
Ben CarlsonSr6-9
Cole BajemaSr6-7
Deivon SmithSr6-1
Hunter EricksonJr6-3
Lawson LoveringJr7-1
Wilguens Exacte Jr.So6-6
Jake WahlinFr6-7
Top 250
13Branden CarlsonUtah26.544.8
244Rollie WorsterUtah13.92.6

Washington State

Washington State gets talent, but can never seem to retain or maximize it while it’s there unfortunately. Isaac Jones and Josefph Yesufu are interesting adds but probably not enough.

Jabe MullinsSr6-6
Isaac JonesSr6-9
Andrej JakimovskiSr6-8
Joseph YesufuSr6-0
Kymany HouinsouSo6-6
Oscar CluffJr6-9
Jaylen WellsJr6-8
Rueben ChinyeluFr6-10
Dylan DarlingSo6-2
Braden KorpelaFr6-5
174Jabe MullinsWashington St15.53.1
184Isaac JonesWashington St30.73.0
315Joseph YesufuWashington St7.92.3
332Andrej JakimovskiWashington St11.72.3

Oregon State

Wayne Tinkle had the Beavers in the Elite 8 in 2021. It was an unexpected run as a 12 seed but has only won 14 games since. That’s kind of how it goes for him as they only won 5 games the season after their previous NCAA appearance. Does that Elite8 get him a lifetime contract, I’m not sure. Going 3-28 the season after and 11-21 (5-15) last season I have to think makes this an important season. The talent doesn’t seem there to compete.

Jordan PopeSo6-2
Tyler BilodeauSo6-9
Michael RatajSo6-9
Dexter AkannoSr6-5
Justin RochelinSo6-5
Christian WrightJr6-3
KC IbekweSo6-10
Chol MarialSr7-2
Jayden StevensSo6-7
Felipe PalazzoFr6-4
208Jordan PopeOregon St152.8
265Michael RatajOregon St14.32.6
534Dexter AkannoOregon St7.11.3

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