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Mountain West Basketball Preview 2023-24

2023-24 MWC Basketball Predictions

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Our model, ADJeff ratings, are just a rating of the D1 players and their Adjust Efficiency by strength of schedule. There are other factors we consider in the overall team rankings like coaching, continuity, incoming freshmen, JUCO, team build, fit, etc.

1San Diego St3.414
2New Mexico3.554
3Boise State2.829
5Colorado State3.1110
7San Jose St.2.995
8Fresno St.2.6146
9Utah St.2.318
10Air Force2.0149

Last season was a banner season for the conference since its formation with San Diego State making it to the national title game. The conference also ranked 5th in NET over the ACC and Pac-12. That’s a massive leap after finishing 12th in NET as a conference just 2 seasons ago. They’ve proven in the past they can compete from top to bottom with some of the power conferences in RPI, but the 5-year-old NET rankings hadn’t been as kind to the conference until last season with finishes from 8th to 12th in the previous 4 seasons. They return to what should be another solid season, but they should step back to the more usual 8th spot. San Diego State is a borderline top 25 team, but we worry about the loss of Nathan Mensah, he was a big part of the defense San Diego State relied on and what made them good. His defensive rating was 5 points better per 100 than the #2 best player. If any team is going to take a step forward this season keep your eye on New Mexico.

The Top MWC Players by Adjusted Efficiency

9Kalib BooneUNLV25.95.2
25Jaelen HouseNew Mexico26.24.5
61Isaiah StevensColorado State22.24.0
72Jaedon LedeeSDSU22.73.9
102Eduardo AndreFresno State23.73.6
104Tyson DegenhartBoise State19.83.6
112Robert VaiholaSan Jose St24.93.6
130Omari MooreSan Jose St20.93.4
149Patrick CartierColorado State23.63.3
151Kenan BlackshearNevada17.63.2
152Jaod LucasNevada17.53.2
163Jalen HillUNLV153.2
164Keylan BooneUNLV23.13.2
177Rytis PetraitisAir Force223.1
182Jamal MashburnNew Mexico17.73.1
195Max RiceBoise State163.0
219Lamont ButlerSDSU14.22.9
224Darrion TrammellSDSU14.12.8
236Micah ParrishSDSU13.82.8
248Nick DavidsonNevada18.32.8
266Nelly Junior JosephNew Mexico24.62.7
288Sam GriffinWyoming16.12.6
289Chibuzo AgboBoise State14.42.6
318Great OsoborUtah State23.92.5
384Isaiah PopeFresno State16.22.2
386Reese Dixon-WatersSDSU12.72.2
390Brendan WenzelWyoming12.12.2
399Max AgbonkpoloUtah State13.92.1
417Darius BrownUtah State19.52.1
426Leo ColimerioFresno State12.12.1
457Jalen LakeColorado State10.81.9

San Diego State

Jaedon LeDeeSr6-9
Darrion TrammellSr5-10
Reese Dixon-WatersJr6-5
Lamont ButlerSr6-2
Micah ParrishSr6-6
Jay PalSr6-9
BJ DavisFr6-1
Miles ByrdSo6-7
Elijah SaundersSo6-8
Demarshay Johnson Jr.So6-10
Jaedon LedeeSDSU22.73.9
Lamont ButlerSDSU14.22.9
Darrion TrammellSDSU14.12.8
Micah ParrishSDSU13.82.8
Reese Dixon-WatersSDSU12.72.2

New Mexico

Jaelen HouseSr6-0
Jamal Mashburn Jr.Sr6-2
Nelly Junior JosephSr6-9
Jemarl BakerSr6-5
Mustapha AmzilJr6-9
Isaac MushilaSr6-5
Donovan DentSo6-2
Tru WashingtonFr6-3
Jadyn ToppinFr6-8
Quinton WebbFr6-6
Jaelen HouseNew Mexico26.224.5
Jamal MashburnNew Mexico17.73.1
Nelly Junior JosephNew Mexico24.62.7

Boise State

Tyson DegenhartJr6-7
Max RiceSr6-5
Chibuzo AgboSr6-7
O’Mar StanleyJr6-8
Roddie Anderson IIISo6-2
Jace WhitingSo6-2
Chris Lockett Jr.Fr6-5
Kobe YoungSo6-6
RJ KeeneFr6-6
Kade RiceFr6-4
Tyson DegenhartBoise State19.83.6
Max RiceBoise State163.0
Chibuzo AgboBoise State14.42.6


Kalib BooneSr6-9
Jalen HillSr6-6
Justin WebsterSr6-3
Keylan BooneSr6-8
Shane NowellJr6-6
Isaiah CottrellSo6-10
Jackie Johnson IIIJr5-11
Robert WhaleyJr6-5
Nick WaltersJr6-1
Karl JonesSr6-10
Kalib BooneUNLV25.915.2
Jalen HillUNLV15.03.2
Keylan BooneUNLV23.13.2

Colorado State

Isaiah StevensSr6-0
Patrick CartierSr6-8
Jalen LakeJr6-4
Javonte JohnsonSr6-6
Josiah StrongSr6-4
James MoorsSr6-10
Joel ScottSr6-7
Nique CliffordSr6-6
Taviontae JacksonSo6-2
Joe PalmerSr6-4
Isaiah StevensColorado State22.24.0
Patrick CartierColorado State23.63.3
Jalen LakeColorado State10.81.9


Jarod LucasSr6-4
Kenan BlackshearSr6-6
Nick DavidsonSo6-8
Tre ColemanSr6-7
Tylan PopeJr6-6
K.J. HymesJr6-10
Daniel FosterSr6-6
Jazz GardnerFr6-11
Tyler PowellJr6-5
Tyler RolisonFr6-0
Kenan BlackshearNevada17.63.2
Jaod LucasNevada17.53.2
Nick DavidsonNevada18.32.8

San Jose State

Omari MooreSr6-6
Robert VaiholaJr6-8
Alvaro CardenasJr6-1
Trey AndersonSr6-7
Myron Amey Jr.So6-5
Tibet GorenerJr6-9
Adrame DiongueSo7-0
Garrett AndersonSo6-7
JT ElderSo6-7
Ryen PerrySr6-2
Robert VaiholaSan Jose St24.93.6
Omari MooreSan Jose St20.93.4
Alvaro CardenasSan Jose St10.81.7

Fresno State

Eduardo AndreSr6-1
Isaiah HillSr6-0
Isaiah PopeSr6-5
Leo ColimerioSr6-7
Xavier DuSellSr6-4
Donavan YapSr6-5
Enoch BoakyeSo6-10
Chuks IsituaSo6-11
Joseph Hunter Jr.Fr6-5
Eduardo AndreFresno State23.73.6
Isaiah PopeFresno State16.22.2
Leo ColimerioFresno State12.12.1

Air Force

Rytis PetraitisSo6-7
Beau BeckerJr6-7
Ethan TaylorJr6-5
Corbin GreenSo6-5
Jeffrey MillsJr6-4
Lucas MoermanSo6-8
Kyle BrownJr6-2
Kellan BoylanSo6-6
Chase BeasleyJr6-7
Byron BrownJr6-4
Rytis PetraitisAir Force223.1
Beau BeckerAir Force15.11.7
Ethan TaylorAir Force10.81.4

Utah State

Darius Brown IISr6-2
Ian MartinezSr6-3
Javon JacksonSo6-3
Khalifa SakhoJr6-10
Great OsoborJr6-8
Josh UdujeJr6-5
Isaac JohnsonSo7-0
Max AgbonkpoloSr6-9
Nigel BurrisSo6-7
Jackson GrantJr6-10
Great OsoborUtah State23.92.5
Max AgbonkpoloUtah State13.92.1
Darius BrownUtah State19.52.1
Josh UdujeUtah State17.21.7


Brendan WenzelSr6-7
Sam GriffinSr6-4
Kenny FosterSr6-5
Akuel KotSr6-1
Oleg KojenetsSo7-0
Caden PowellSo6-10
Cort RobersonSo6-0
Sam GriffinWyoming16.12.6
Brendan WenzelWyoming12.12.2

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